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  • The Playful and Loyal Personality of the Pug

    Personality plays a big role in choosing a new dog, or for the less shallow humans that long for a meaningful relationship. Personality plays an especially large role with a pug, because of the enormous amount of time one will be seeing it. The personality of the pug differs by gender, but usually meshes together when progressing in age. As puppies, both genders are very playful as well and will exhibit a strong display of energy and rowdiness at times. Of course, these are generalizations about the genders, but these have held true in most cases for quite some time.

    Male Personality

    If one is looking for a loving, laid-back pug, a male is a good route to take. This gender is more people-orientated as it likes to stay around people more than a female and is much more dependent on a person to satisfy its needs. If an owner is looking for that type of relationship with a dog, then a male is a slightly better option of pug. The male will tend to hover around its owner constantly, and will show concern and cases of sadness when its owners are gone.

    A male pug obviously requires a little more work, but the owner of a male pug will receive a little more attention from it and a lot more dependence. The male pug would be much more willing to lie on one’s lap while on the computer or on the couch while watching television. A pug is generalized as a companion dog, but when dissecting the genders, a male is more willing to hang around its owner than a female.

    Female Personality

    Male pugs are certainly more dependent on their owners, but females will also show plenty of love and affection towards its owners. It is not like a cat; however the personality of the female pug will still make it follow its owner around for long periods of time and act in a playful manner in an attempt to impress - that is, if she is not sleeping which is what most pugs do best.

    The main difference of course is the female’s independence, which is a good thing for many owners. The notion of a dog following you around at all times may seem like a good idea now, but imagining how that will feel when the dog is actually doing it is a completely different thing. Having a little alone time while the dog does its thing while you do yours can be beneficial to any relationship – and a pug is no different.

    As stated before, these personalities tend to gel together when they advance in age. The pug’s personality will still be playful creatures, but both genders will spend more time on the couch with you to rest those weary legs. One thing to expect with a pug for sure is that its exuberance for life and its caring attitude towards just about anyone can and most likely will improve the disposition of just about any person that decides to get a new pug. What one can expect from a pug is a loyal companion and a friend for life.

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