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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » No Bark Dog Collars: Are They Harmful Or Harmless?

    No Bark Dog Collars: Are They Harmful Or Harmless?


    Today, there are three different methods that are used in no bark collars. They all give good results, but you might be wondering if using them is ethical. If you have a dog, you should know some basic information about no bark collars before getting one for your dog.

    Spray Collars

    There are no bark dog collars that spray the dog's muzzle with citrus smell if the dog keeps barking. Dogs don't like this smell, so they will stop barking in order to avoid it. Some collars also give a warning “hiss” sound, so the dog can stop barking before the smell is sprayed on its muzzle if he listens and heeds the warning sound. Trainers and professionals consider the use of these collars ethical, as there is no pain inflicted on the dog.

    Ultrasonic/Sonic Dog Collars

    These collars emit a high pitched sound whenever the dog barks. This tone is similar to the dog whistle sound. Humans can't hear this sound, but dogs can, and they soon learn to stop barking so that the sound goes away. Is this considered ethical by the experts? Yes. Once again, there is no pain involved – it’s just a bit annoying for the dog. Note: This is the least effective type of no bark collar, as dogs can get used to the sound over time, so don't overdo it.

    Electronic No Bark Dog Collars

    These collars work by delivering a small electrical shock to the dog's neck whenever it starts barking. The shock isn't painful, it's similar to what you feel when you handle fabrics or walk over a rug. Once again, mostly just an annoyance – but this is the type of no bark collar that some people believe is unethical. This one isn’t just an annoyance; it physically does something to the dog. And well, some people think that's not ok. But does it work? Yes, it does; so condiser it an option if your dog tends to bark too much.

    There are three types of no bark collars that you can use to train your dog: citrus spray collars, sonic or ultrasonic collars, and electrical shock collars. Citronella spray and sonic or ultrasonic sounds are considered ethical, but electronic shock collars are sometimes considered unethical because of the shocking. However, all three methods are perfectly safe for dogs.

    no bark collars are a great way to reduce excessive barking that isn't related to your dog's health. Although most people don't have a problem with them, some of them think shock collars are unethical. Nevertheless, all no bark dog collars are perfectly safe.

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