Training a Small Breed? Try the Little Dog Nano No-Bark Collar

PBC00-10782 is a no-bark control collar that is designed using the innovative nano technology and works based on the principle of offering static electric shock by sensing the vibration and sound of the dog’s bark. It’s also designed specially for small or toy breeds, and it works on “temperament learning” basis, which basically means that it will adjust itself to the appropriate level according to your dog’s temperament.

This advanced technology allows the collar to correct the dog only when it barks. In addition, there is a tracking system built in the collar, which lets you know how many corrections your dog needs before it corrects its behavior and reduces its barking to a non-excessive level. Being light weighted, this no bark collar is equipped with a couple of LEDs to hint the low/good battery levels.

The collar offers 10 correction levels, in addition to being water proof; this makes it a good collar to wear even when it rains or snows. The PBC00-10782 bark control collar comes with an ID tag ring, an RFA-188 battery and an operating and a training guide. The guide that comes with every purchase of the collar is pretty utile and guides even a novice on the usage of the collar. Another advantage of the PBC00-10782 is the guarantee that comes with it.

If you get the PBC00-10782 for your pet, make certain that it fits your dog’s neck in a nice, comfortable way without causing it any harm. However, take into account that this kind of training no bark collars should only be used at times where barking is inappropriate. PBC00-10782 collar can be worn on the dog for around 8-12 hours timeframe within a 24 hour period.

Advantages of the little dog nano no-bark collar

The 10 correction levels and the temperament training mode available in PBC00-10782 collars make it suitable for dogs of different temperament. In addition, the PBC00-10782 is light and resistant to wear and tear. Its patented mechanism can detect the dog’s bark and differentiate it from other types of noise. Therefore, other types of noise won’t activate the collar.

Our company’s PBC00-10782 is a great training collar designed for small breeds. It’s very light and resistant to water and use. We also guarantee our company’s little dog nano no-bark collar.

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