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    Training With The SD-2000


    The SD-2000 is a basic in ground pet fencing system that is handy for those pet owners who are yearning to contain their pets within limited boundaries. The SD-2000 set includes a strap collar made of nylon, a 6 volts alkaline battery, a collar transmitter-receiver that is resistant to water, a set if boundaries of 150 meters, and a DVD. The wire has to be buried underground or tacked it along the fence and the radio field has to be adjusted withing 1 to 3 meters of the wire. Even driveways can be used if you make grooves on them for the wire and then seal them.

    At least at fist, the flags that are included with the kit have to be installed for initial training. The DVD included with the Innotek's SD-2000 is a great way of understanding how the system works, specially for those who haven't trained dogs before. Being equipped with the mechanism of 'Run-through-Prevention' that offers reliable and secure containment, the SD-2000 pet containment system offers a cost effective solution and flexible installation techniques that constitute single/double loop, gate-blocker or combination installation and flower bed protection.

    A warning tone admonishes the pet on approaching the boundary and static electric pulses are given if the pet tries to go out of it. This electric stimulation is preset and it increases in intensity as the pet approaches the boundary. The Innotek's SD-2000 is very versatile, since you can always expand it with wire purchased from other sources, as long as the wire matches the required specifications. The specs in question involve getting the right type of wire, UV protection, and compatibility in length and wideness.

    Features of the SD-2000

    The SD-2000 can be expanded so it covers an area of about 5 acres. The boundary wire is UV protected and long lasting. It's flexible and customizable, and you don't have to adhere to set measurements. In addition to the DVD, a novice trainer can find useful information on Internet.

    The SD-2000 is a great way to keep your dog safe. It will emit a sound whenever your dog approaches it, and it will deliver a static shock when your dog tries to leave the boundaries you have set. The Innotek's SD-2000 can be expanded with the purchase of extra wire.

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