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    Dog House Plan: Building the Best Home for Your Pug


    If you intend to build your own dog house, the first thing you are going to need is a dog house plan. A dog house plan is a blueprint for how to build the correct dog house for your dog. Most people, when they think of a dog house, imagine a single universal image. However, just as dogs are all built differently, so are dog houses. A small dog shouldnít be placed in a large dog house, just like a large dog shouldnít be placed in a small dog house. The size and shape of the dog house should accommodate your dog; after all, this is going to be your dogís home, it should be comfortable once inside.

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    Size Matters

    The first thing you have to decide when youíre making your dog house plan is how big your dog house should be. Your dog should be able to fit in and turn around once inside. When designing your dog house, measure your dog and allow some moving room. Donít forget to include a big enough opening for your dog. If your dog house plan includes a door that is exactly the same size as your dog, the dog will have to squeeze through. If the dog house is uncomfortable for the dog, the dog house is likely to go unused.

    Tools and Materials

    Another part of the dog house plan is what tools and materials youíll need. If you are not good at measurements and cutting, bring your dog house plan to a lumber store or hardware store. Someone there should be able to tell you what measurements youíll need and will likely cut the wood for you. Youíre going to need hammers, nails, wood glue, and plenty of wood. If you canít find help at a lumber store, look online. There are several do-it-yourself sites that can help you with your dog house.

    No Shame in Asking for Help

    Sometimes, when making your dog house plan, it becomes obvious that you donít know where to start. If this is the case, then maybe itís time to realize that you canít do this on your own. There is no shame in asking for help; after all, it would be best to build your dog house the right way the first time. If you build your dog house the wrong way, you may need to go back and fix what youíve done or simply start over from scratch. Itís better to ask for help than to waste a lot of time and energy on something that isnít correct to begin with.

    Of course, thereís another way to get a dog house that doesnít include a plan. That way is to go to the store and buy one. Some pet supply stores sell dog houses that are already built. Theyíll likely have one to fit your pet and youíll save a lot of sweat, and tears.

    For those who insist on doing it themselves, making a dog house plan is the most important part. The plan must include measurements, materials, and tools. Everything must be calculated first, before you start. If your dog house plan is correct and your dog house comes out the way you want it, think of the sense of accomplishment youíll feel. Not only that, but think of how happy your dog will be with its new home.


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