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    A Top Dog Kennel For Your Pug


    When a writer in California began to search for information about Top Dog Kennel, she was surprised to learn about one source of the kennel’s puppies. According to the kennel’s website, some of the puppies at Top Dog Kennel came from Bow Wow Pits in California. The writer is now wondering if any of the puppies on sale at Top Dog Kennel are related to a Pit-bull named Princess.

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    Top Dog’s Pictures Stir-up Memories

    The Top Dog website indicates that most of its dogs are “blues.” Still, the website makes a point of claiming to have brindles, fawns, reds, and blacks as well. The California writer remembers well a black pit-bull named Princess that lived in the writer’s backyard for several months.

    The website for Top Dog Kennel has provided the California writer with some unexpected information. She has now discovered that Princess might have come from a special line of pit-bulls, a line called “Razor Edge.” She was not surprised to read that those pits had large bones and well-toned muscles. She could still remember the strength of the muscles in that puppy named Princess.

    The writer would agree with at least one comment on the website of Top Dog Kennel. That comment stated that the Razor Edge pits had an “excellent temperament.” The writer had always felt comfortable in making contact with Princess, even when she had had to chase the dog back into her small backyard.

    In fact, it was that chasing experience that had caused the writer to speak with her son about finding a new home for Princess. She has been told that Princess now runs around in a much larger yard, yet the writer has not forgotten her fondness for Princess. The writer can almost see Princess’s expression in the expression of Justice and Echo, two dogs apparently from Bow Wow Pits.

    The writer has seen those pictures on the website for Top Dog Kennel, and also noticed the picture of a dog named Blacky. That dog, too, stirred-up memories of the pit-bull puppy that used to eat, sleep, and play in the writer’s backyard.

    The writer did not find much information coming from Top Dog Kennel about the jumping abilities of its pit-bulls. The writer will never forget the height to which that puppy could jump. The writer wonders how high the adult Princess has managed to jump in her new home.


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