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    Pug Rescue Dog Training


    Have you ever wondered how rescue dog training worked? After all, they are able to find victims, regardless as to whether they are alive or dead, whenever a tragedy or disaster strikes.

    News Flash  Oct, 30 2007

    It's A Dog's Laugh

    For a few weeks now, a piece of nifty news has been traveling the print and online media (and no, it isn't the Bill Richardson touchy feely story). Read More


    News Flash  Oct, 30 2007

    Americas Cutest Dog

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    News Flash  Oct, 30 2007

    Local Groups Kick-off Cat And Dog Neuterathon

    Stop Pet Overpopulation Together and the Day and Evening Clinic will team up to kick-off the Cat and Dog Neuterathon on Sunday, Jan. 15. The Neuterathon will continue through Tuesday, Jan. 31. Read More


    A Dog's Ability For Rescue Dog Training

    There are some dogs who have a magnificent sense of smell. Since they are smaller than humans, they can also penetrate small areas where humans cannot reach. All of this, combined with their rescue dog training, makes them well worth the praise they get. This is especially true because they think that this work is fun.

    An important part of rescue dog training is teaching these dogs to be focused on the task at hand, regardless of what else may be going on around them. Of course, different breeds of dogs are better able to do this. For this reason, different dogs have different jobs. A Bloodhound is renowned for their ability as a search dog while Newfoundland’s are used in avalanche rescues and Labrador Retrievers are the absolute best cadaver dog in the world. You will also find that German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Golden Retrievers are also very good at tracking and following scents.

    It is highly recommended that dogs who love to play participate in rescue dog training because they will do anything to receive a reward.

    How Rescue Dog Training Works

    Rescue dog training focuses upon a dog’s sense of smell. With their sense of smell they are able to pick out a target odor amongst millions of different odors. So, whenever a dog is tracking a person, it will focus upon the scent of skin cells that come off of the human body. They can even be sensed in the water in cases of drownings. In rescue dog training these dogs are trained to sniff the air and follow the scent to find the victim.

    Of course there are other things that a rescue dog is trained to look for. In rescue dog training, a dog is also trained to take the right position so that the rescue can be executed. From there, a dog must also learn how to use everything that is has been trained to do as a single exercise. Another important part of rescue dog training is for the human to learn how to read the dog's eyes. Since a dog's eyes can be very expressive it can also read the handler's mood. This is 1 of the many non-verbal signals that a dog will learn during its rescue dog training.


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