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  •    Home » Articles » DogTrainingCollars » Safe Dogs With Sportdog Field Pro

    Safe Dogs With Sportdog Field Pro


    It's not easy to train a dog without the proper equipment. Traditional methods of positive reinforcement with food are not always effective, and in some cases will not work at all. If your dog is mischevious or reluctant to obey, you can still train it with the help of Sportdog Field Pro in a way that won't require all day long. A Sportdog field trainer is a great tool that will help you to correct negative behavior.

    Correcting Negative Behavior

    Traditional training methods consist of rewarding good behavior with treats and punishing bad behavior with a change in the tone of voice. Sportdog Field Pro will allow you to correct your dog even when it's too distracted or excited to pay attention to what you do or say. Anyone who has a dog that likes to run at everything that moves knows what an advantage this is.

    The collar makes it easy to rein in dogs that are distracted with something else. Another part of training that you can make easier with a SportDog Field Pro remote trainer is bark control. While it is natural for dogs to bark there are times when this is inappropriate or undesirable.

    Bark control is nothing but easy, specially if your dog is territorial. To prevent your dog from barking at your relatives or friends when they come visit, Sportdog Field Pro can be set indorrs on a low tone, indicating to your dog that barking and growling are not permitted at this time.

    Safe and Useful

    The Sport Dog Field Pro remote trainer is a safe tool to use when training your dog. It doesn't present any health hazard as proven by studies and every single experience. There are even different Sportdog field trainers for smaller dogs.

    The collar used with Sportdog Field Pro comes with rechargeable batteries and is waterproof, so it can be used in any weather. The range of operation between the transmitter and the collar can extend up to half a mile, which gives the owner a great flexibility as well as plenty of room for the dog to roam.

    Sportdog Field Pro is a great way of teaching dogs that barking is not allowed at certain times. It is specially good when dealing with dogs that get distracted easily. In addition, Sportdog Field Pro is completly safe.

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