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  • Modifying and Maintaining Pug Care as it Ages

    Pug owners want their dogs to live as long as possible, living fulfilling lives that last longer than anyone could have expected. This can happen too, as long as the owners practice strong pug care as it ages. The aforementioned techniques to keeping the pug healthy and happy are even more important now, as the risk for illnesses and diseases increases with age. Taking care of the pug properly and efficiently will be as vital as ever, as now it will determine if the pug will live a longer life.

    Steps to Take for Aging Pug Care

    Maintaining the pug’s weight is one of the best ways to care for it as it ages as it ensures a longer life for the dog. Pugs tend to gain weight easily, so it is important that owner monitors its food intake very closely as the dog advances in age. Pug care begins with a healthy diet, as this task will be important from the day the dog is born until its final day. It is important to know what genetic disorders the pug can have so the proper steps can be taken to reduce these effects as the dog grows older.

    It is important to keep the environment that the dog lives in clean. This will help to prevent illnesses and diseases from keeping your put down. The immune system gets weaker with age, and proper pug care includes keeping the place that it lives in clean and safe. Of course, this applies to humans as well so this step should be taken care of most of the time.

    Signs of Aging and How to Deal With Them

    Each breed of dog has different signs that show that it is aging. Larger dogs develop bone problems and arthritis. Some have visual or hearing problems that make it hard to know what the master wants. Others get illnesses and diseases among having a multitude of problems with the body in general. If at any time the pug acts in ways that are unlike anytime before, the best way to care for the aging pug would be to call the veterinarian as soon as possible. He/she will be able to pinpoint the problem and help make the pug feel as comfortable as possible very quick.

    If the pug is undergoing natural aging complications, such as losing hearing or eyesight, the owner must take special note of that and change some habits. Perhaps the owner should clap to get the dog’s attention or appear friendlier if the dog is going deaf. One should wear one’s emotions on his sleeve to allow the pug to interpret the situation best. If the dog is going blind, the owner should be sure not to move furniture around too drastically to prevent confusion.

    Pug care increases with age for sure. It is a matter of making sure the dog is comfortable and in little amount of pain as possible. The owner must take extra note of the behavior of the animal as that will be the best indicator if something is wrong. Pug care simply means paying special attention to the animal to ensure that all of its needs are met. To make certain that the pug will live a life with few problems, the right diet and nutrition should be used to maintain a healthy weight as this will lead to fewer problems as the pug ages.

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