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  • Prepare for Your Pug Puppy by Ensuring a Safe Arrival

    The idea of bringing a new puppy into the home can seem like a daunting and impossible task. How will you feed it? When will you feed it? When will you find the time to housetrain it? Will it get sick? What do I do when it gets sick? What do I do if I get sick? All of these are questions potential owners ask themselves when considering to get a new pet and a pug puppy amplifies these questions with the concerns of its body and facial features. There are steps one can take to prepare for your pug puppy to ensure that the new pet has a safe arrival into your home and is ready to get to know the rest of the family.

    Preparation for the New Puppy

    If one wants to have the safest arrival possible, then preparation for the pug puppy must take place well before it even comes into the home. Pug puppies require added care, thus this is an important step in the process of making the dog feel safe, healthy, and ultimately, happy. Pugs are friendly dogs but may require a little bit of space to get to know their new surroundings and an overbearing and suffocating family can prevent the dog from feeling comfortable. Warning the family beforehand to make sure the dog is ready to be held will be a good step in ensuring a safe atmosphere.

    Another aspect in preparing for your pug puppy is to make sure that you have the proper food and living conditions for the dog. The pug pup, as with any puppy, will need specially designed food if it is to live in the healthiest condition possible. Pugs also tend to snore quite often, and sometimes quite loud, while sleeping and this may be of some concern to people. One should prepare for a pug by setting up a living situation in another part of the house and teach the dog to sleep there early on. If one does not like the idea of a snoring dog or cannot get the dog to sleep far from its master, then a pug may not be right dog for those people.

    Most of all, people should make sure they have enough time to train the puppy and give it the care and love that it deserves. If everyone in the house is busy at work, or say only one person lives in the apartment and is constantly busy, then the thought of getting a pug puppy may not be a good idea. These dogs require special care, with the upkeep of its facial hygiene and routine veterinarian trips. They also happen to be some of the most energetic and high-octane dogs around in terms of personality, and they should not be deprived of having play time with the owner. Ensuring one has enough time to take care of a brand new puppy can be a tough decision, but it will ultimately be a deciding factor in making a smart decision.

    Preparation for the pug puppy begins long before it even arrives in the new home. There are many factors that go into creating a living space for the pug puppy that will allow for it to feel safe and free to explore the new setting. If one does not even have the time to prepare for the arrival of the new puppy, then nothing should make that person think that he/she has the time to care for the pug when it actually arrives. Smart decisions in all aspects of life take a great deal of preparation and deliberation before anything is to take place. However, once you have decided, you should create a living space for your pug puppy before you bring it home.

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