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  • Essential Pug Puppy Supplies for Your Shopping List

    If one wants to create the best living space possible for the arrival of the new pug puppy, then obtaining the right pug puppy supplies is a key element to ensuring a happy puppy and a relatively headache-free transition for the new owner and his/her family. Any object the puppy will need falls into this category, thus making the range anything from water and food bowls to brushes to toys to flea medication.

    Water and Food Bowls

    Water and food bowls are an essential pug puppy supply to have when getting a new pet. One has to make sure the dog can reach the food and if the owner cannot determine a correct size the puppy should have, a smaller bowl will be best because the dog will eat while throwing its inhibitions to the wind and may overeat. There are many different kinds of bowls and dishes, but a basic one will do for a pug puppy. One can also purchase different kinds of storage bins for the food for convenience purposes.

    Toys and Hygiene

    Toys are another essential pug puppy supply to have in the house or apartment. These dogs thrive on having fun and maintain a high energy level at almost every moment while awake, so having toys around the house to keep the pug puppy satisfied will allow the owner to have a moment of peace to do anything but take care of the puppy, which will consume much of one’s time. One thing to keep in mind though is not to give the pug anything with small parts or which has the tendency to fall apart. Puppies will chew on just about anything and it can be very harmful, or deadly, should they swallow something small.

    Getting something like a brush would also be a good idea. Contrary to popular belief, pugs in general shed just as much as any other dog. The short hair certainly proves to be a false signal as one will find dog hair all over the place if the pug puppy is not brushed or washed at least once a week. It does not take a large amount of time to do so, and it will keep one’s clothes, carpet, and furniture hair-free. For those who are additionally concerned with dog hygiene, perhaps investing in dog spray to make him/her smell delightful or a toothbrush and dog toothpaste (or even dog mints) would be good items to add to your pug puppy supply list.

    Having the right pug puppy supplies will allow the owner the best possible way to make the transition an easy one for the new pet. Pug puppies are extremely playful animals and having toys around will keep anyone sane. Also, making sure the puppy has any needed medications or remedies for sicknesses or fleas is a smart idea. Taking all this into account will prove to be very beneficial even before stopping at the breeder’s farm to inquire about the “Pug Puppies for Sale” sign.

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