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  • How to Create a Living Space Conducive to Your Pug Pups Good Health

    Pug puppies are interesting animals for many reasons. Their bodily features are unlike just about any other dog there is and the enthusiasm these dogs have for their masters and the overall happy-go-lucky personality of these animals make them an easy choice when desiring to make a house a happy home. There is a way to create the right living space for a pug pup, though, and listed below are a few ways to do so. It involves teaching the puppy early on the difference between right and wrong, making it a safe environment for the dog to live in, and forming a loving relationship between the master and the dog.

    Teaching the Pug Pup

    The best way to prevent problems later on in a pug’s life is to teach it the difference between right and wrong at an age when you are introducing it to its living space you created as it can then learn the idea of rewards and consequences. Pugs are especially good at picking up a human’s emotions, so if the owner is upset at a puppy’s particular actions, rest assured that it will stop at a point in time. We say ‘at a point in time’, because pug puppy care takes plenty of patience and housetraining is a big one in this category. It will take some time with a stubborn dog like a pug, but housetraining will occur with the right mindset and game plan heading into it. Housetraining the pup early on will help prevent the owner from finding little surprises underneath the couch days later.

    Creating a Safe Environment

    When creating a living space for your pug puppy, remember that a safe atmosphere in the home is a good thing to have if the owner wants the pug puppy to warm up to the family quickly. The people living in the house must be willing to give the dog its space if it does not warm up to everyone right away. The owner should try to avoid having the puppy meet too many new people too quickly, such as neighbors and friends, if it seems to be anti-social. Also, it is a well-known fact that puppies love to chew leather shoes, so be prepared for that when creating a living and play space for your pug puppy. To prevent the dog from choking, the owner must take away all the small toys and items that can be swallowed by a puppy, much like a new parent safe-guarding a house for a new baby.

    A pug is a dog that will remain loyal to its master for its entire lifetime if it knows the master has the same love for it. If the owner constantly berates the puppy verbally or even abuses it physically, the dog will no doubt become a loner and will ultimately be afraid of people in general. The owner must establish a loving relationship from the start, in hopes that the pug puppy will trust him/her. It will not be the most difficult thing in the world to do, considering how friendly these dogs can be, but it is an important thing to consider. First impressions are everything, and this goes for new puppies as well.

    It will not take much to make the dog happy, but it will take some planning and preparation to create a living space for your pug pup that is safe; this may include monitoring whether the dog goes outside in extreme temperatures, as the pug cannot handle extremely hot weather or unbearably cold winters. Pug puppy supplies are a great way to create the perfect living space for the new dog. These can be anything from the right food to toys the pug pup can have to entertain itself with.

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