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  • It is Imperative to Know What to Expect from a Pug Rescue Dog

    You have chosen to go through with the process of adopting a pug through a pug rescue group or an animal shelter. You should expect to be given only a brief background, if any, of the rescue pug and little health history as it may have been in the shelter for only a little while. Pugs that are in rescue groups are exposed to love and care by the volunteer workers as well as training and proper immunizations.

    Animal shelters often hand unwanted dogs over to a rescue group rather than euthanize it, so by taking the pug off of the groupís hands, you have allowed another space to open for a new animal to take its place. Now that you have brought your new pug home, there are certain things you can expect from it.

    Pug Rescue Dog Personality

    Sometimes it is hard to gauge what kind of personality the pug will have. The volunteers at the pug rescue group did the best they could to expose the animal to constant love and approval, but that does not always stick in the minds of the animal. Upon arriving at home, the pug may seem aloof and more independent than most pugs should be. He/she will mope around the house and become startled at loud noises or even at the sight of a human being.

    It is important to show the dog at first that everyone in the home loves it and will care for it. It will most likely take longer than expected for the dog to warm up to its new family, but the family can certainly help make this transition an easy one for the dog. The family needs to be more lenient with the pug during these times to ensure the animal that is safe in its new home and the people living with it are going to take care of it.

    Pug Rescue Dog Health

    There are many reasons why the pug you rescued could have health problems. It could have been on its own for a long time and developed more than a few illnesses by being exposed to prolonged periods of dirty living conditions or excessive hot or cold temperatures. You should expect a rescue pugís body to be very sensitive to all of these things and it would be difficult for it to last long in the outside world alone. These dogs were bred to be companions and they rely on a human for many of their basic needs. These almost guaranteed health concerns will come with a higher price because of the added trips to the vetís office.

    It may take longer than expected for the rescue pug to warm up to its new family. No one knows the trauma the dog could have been through previous to this experience, but it is important that the new family show the dog plenty of love and kindness. Within time, the pug should return to the attitude of a normal pug and show a high energy level and a desire to exercise and play. Once you know what to expect from a rescue dog, it will be easier to weigh the pros and cons of pug rescue.

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    Pug Picture

    Pug Picture

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