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    Many people go into pug rescue or adoption without a clear head. They think that they are doing a good thing by rescuing these dogs from dirty living conditions, but without the proper mindset beforehand, the dog could be in a worse place as far as its physical condition and psyche. Listed below are ten mistakes made during the process of pug rescue or adoption. These are meant to serve as a guide so people will know how to act and how to prepare for pug adoption in the future to help prevent regret and other costly errors.

    Top Ten Pug Adoption Mistakes

    10. Don’t worry if you do not find a pug right away – one of the top ten mistakes people make when rescuing a pug is that they go into a shelter expecting to find the dog of their dreams sitting somewhere. That is not always the case; the pug you wanted may not be in the shelter. Do not fret though; a person that is determined to get a pug from a shelter or pug rescue group should continue checking in to see if any pugs were picked up. The potential owner can also have the shelter or group contact him/her should a pug arrive.

    9. People do not plan ahead – Every dog in the shelter will look saddened and miserable to be there and if you had the chance, you would take every dog home with you. That is one of the top ten mistakes some people make during pug adoption. They take a dog without realizing the costs of keeping it healthy and the added responsibility for everyone in the home.

    8. Bring the whole family – The potential owner should bring the whole family to visit the pug so it can get used to everyone it will possibly be living with in the future.

    7. Second thoughts – Again, some people rush in the decision-making process of going through pug adoption and do not realize the responsibility of having this dog. Giving the dog back can only create added trauma and distrust for the pug with a new family. Do not be afraid to give the dog back though should you change your mind; you do want the pug to go to a family that can is ready for it.

    6. Get all the facts – It is important to try and find out any health history about the pug. That way, if it has any medical problems or a special diet, the owner can make a better decision.

    5. Sticking to one dog – There are many different dogs in the shelter; if the pug does not interest you, do not be afraid to try looking at a different pet that may better suit your needs and amount of time you can give to keeping it happy. Pugs require added care, and if you can not give that to it, then allow someone else to take it home; other wise you may be committing one of the top ten mistakes people make during pug rescues.

    4. Know the fees – It would be one of the top ten mistakes - and embarrassing too - if you do not know what the fees are for adopting the dog before attempting to get the animal. Again, make sure you have all the facts about not just the pug, but about the rescue group or shelter.

    3. Be friendly – Having a happy attitude when visiting the animal may make it more personable towards you. By living in a rescue group, the pug will have been exposed to caring people that have attempted to train it, so keeping a happy disposition will let the pug warm up to you quick.

    2. Ask questions – For whatever reason, not all people ask the right questions when given the opportunity. There are no bad questions to ask when the owner wants to find out everything possible about the adoption process. It will help one make a more informed decision and the volunteers at the pug rescue group should be happy to assist the buyer.

    1. Use resources – The internet and the library are two incredible sources for finding out information about animal shelter, pet rescue groups, and the adoption process in general. If you are interested in pug adoption, be sure to become as knowledgeable as possible by using these resources. By avoiding these top ten mistakes, you will be sure to know what to expect from a pug rescue dog.

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    Pug Picture

    Pug Picture

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