What to Consider When There Are Pug Puppies for Sale

The very thought of having a new puppy in the home makes just about anyone happy and excited to welcome a new addition. The excitement of getting a new pug from a puppy sale can cloud someone’s vision and lead to one making mistakes. There are many things a potential new owner of a pug should consider if one wants to prevent regretting the new puppy. Pug puppies require a great deal of care and attention and if someone is not ready to provide that, then perhaps that person is not cut out to be the owner of a pug puppy.

Pug Health Concerns

Few people know of the many health concerns that a pug can have and therefore should think twice before leaping at a ‘Pug Puppies for Sale’ sign. First of all, a pug has no skeletal brow ridge and a small snout, which means the pug, can scratch those bulging dark eyes. Like most dogs, pugs can grow long fingernails and that must be monitored or the chance of a pug scratching its eyes and damaging them will be very likely. Pugs also have the distinct feature of a wrinkled face. Granted, it is cute, but dirt and germs can get stuck between the folds in the skin, causing illnesses and diseases. Owners should clean out the wrinkles on a pug’s face, or “mask”, on a weekly basis.

Lastly, because of its small snout, a pug cannot function properly in extremely hot or incredibly cold temperatures. An owner must monitor how much the pug is outside at these times during the year. Other general dog diseases can plague the pug and it must be noted that a pug owner will visit the vet’s office more often than many other dog owners.

Paying Attention to the Pug Puppy

It has been noted many times that pug puppies require a great deal of love and affection from the owner. The pug is unique in the fact that it is the definition of a companion dog, as it will literally follow its master around everywhere. These dogs have a great deal of energy and will want to remain playful all the time, and although the dog will not exactly want to go run around outside, it will want to play tug-of-war and chew on toys for hours.

Before picking up a pug puppy for sale, the owner must be ready to spend lots of time with the pug puppy to ensure that it is happy and living in an environment that will also make the puppy as healthy as can be. Setting aside enough time to play with this dog and pay enough attention to it until it feels satisfied will no doubt take up a great deal of time and the owner has to be ready for that. If the potential buyer of a pug pup does not think he/she will have enough time for the dog, then that person should let someone who does buy the pug for sale.

Pug puppies for sale can be an exciting time for someone looking to get a new dog. That person must realize though the measures that must be taken to make that dog’s life a fulfilling, healthy, and happy one. There are many things to consider before buying a pug puppy, but above all you should be prepared to devote time to it.

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