Baby pugs are some of the cutest little creatures in the planet. Baby pugs are simply so endearing that most ardent dog lovers cannot help but fall in love with this cute little thing. Like most of the rare bred of dogs that came from the orient, these small monkey-faced dogs has a way that endear them to people.

The wrinkled roguish face of the baby pug gave it a kind of sad but wise expression that is quite endearing. Yes, there are some people who think that the pug looks like of ugly compared to other types of dogs like the stately Labrador or that regal looking great Danes but then again, why should we compare small dogs with these huge ones? Small dogs like the pugs have their own distinctive features that make them standout in the crowd. Some people may think that they are ugly but for most dog lovers, these precious little creatures are special and beautiful in their own way.

Origins Of The Pug Dog

Many experts believe that the pug dog have been around for more than 1,000 years. According to them, baby pugs, like the Pekingese breed, have been raised as royal companions. In fact, baby pugs may have been given to many emperors of China as a gift in the olden times. People in the ancient times believe that small rare dogs bring about good luck so these small breeds of dogs always find a place in the royal palace. Ancient records show that Chinese emperors keep small these dogs inside their royal palace as companions.

Most emperors prefer dogs that are small enough to ride on their coat sleeves when they move around the palace or travel around the country. Since these small dogs were considered as important royal companions, they were usually accorded with the same royal treatment as their masters. In fact, these small dogs are said to have their own attendants. These dogs even have their own small specially built carriages to ride around the country.

How the baby pugs made its way to the western world? It is not clear as to when and how the pug dog made its way to the western world but many experts believe that when China opened its doors to foreign trade, Chinese royalties offered baby pugs as gifts to royal families in Europe. It is believed that the Dutch East India Company which plies the route between China and Europe may have carried the first baby pugs in one of its ships on the way to Holland.

From Holland, the baby pugs were carried by land to England where they became part of the royal household. William II who assumed the throne in 1688 was said to have brought a number of pug dogs with him. These little dogs captured the imaginations of the many royal family members that approximately 100 years after the first baby pugs came into the British royal household, these spunky little dogs became the favorites of Queen Victoria who forbid ear cropping on these little dogs as an act of compassion.


Unlike most types of small dogs, the pug is not highly excitable. The pug dog has a stable and even temperament that make them ideal companions for children and adults alike. No, these little dogs are not grumpy. Those little baby pugs may look wrinkled and have this really serious expression on these faces but they are really playful and outgoing. They love children and they are generally very patient with them. They are also quite easily to train and are mostly well-behaved. They are not prone to much yapping so you need not worry about bothering your neighbors. Moreover, baby pugs are low maintenance and low activity creatures so you need not speed so much time grooming your dog or giving it plenty of exercise everyday.

Common Health Problems

Like most types of purebred dogs, baby pugs also have their share of medical problems. Since these dogs have short muzzle, they usually suffering from breathing problems. Hot and humid climate can cause wheezing and difficulty in breathing among baby pugs. Aside from breathing problems, baby pugs are also prone to eye problems. Note that the eyes of the baby pug bulge out a little so there is always that risk of infection.

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