Anti Bark Collars for Dogs - What Do They Do?

It’s important to do a bit of research before getting an anti bark collar for your dog. Which type of collar is best for your dog? What are your choices? Do all barking dogs need an anti bark collar?.

Types of anti bark collars

There are three methods that are used for anti bark collars: citrus spray, sonic or ultrasonic (or vibration), and electrical. All of which are safe and perfectly harmless to use while you’re training your pet to reduce barking.

A citrus spray (citronella) works by spraying the muzzle of the dog when the dog starts to bark. Because dogs hate the smell of citrus, they want to stop being sprayed with the citrus smell. Very often, collars of this type will hiss before releasing the citrus spray, so that they eventually learn to stop the barking before the spraying.

Next, we have the sound based dog collars. These collars emit a very high pitched sound that humans can’t hear but dogs can; just like on TV. Eventually, the dog learns to link the sound to the barking and that by stopping the latter, he can stop the former.

anti bark dog collars that are electrical give out a mild shock or sting sensation when the dog barks. This could be compared to the static electric shock you might get after walking across carpet. That is, it doesn’t hurt and it isn’t painful, but it really makes you pay attention.

What Else to Consider?

There are even some collars that use more than one of the mentioned anti barking methods. For example, it may use both the ultrasonic sound with the citrus smell.

There are some models that let you adjust how strong the stimulus is. It would use a quiet sound, or lower levels of shock, etc. You can increase them if lower levels aren’t good enough to stop the barking. In any case, the dog will associate the barking with the negative sensation. With time, your dog will learn to behave without the use of the collar.

It pays to do a little research on your options on anti bark collars for dogs. Collars can work by using citronella spray, sonic or ultrasonic sounds, or electronic shocking. Regardless of their method, anti bark collars are harmless and effective.

It’s always a good idea to learn more about anti bark collars before getting one. In addition, you’ll feel more comfortable when you make your dog wear one. Just ask your local pet store for more info on anti bark dog collars.

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