How Do Dog Bark Collars Work?

No one minds a dog that barks when there is danger. Watchdogs have their place. But when dogs bark for no reason, then the neighbors will complain. If that is the case with your dog, you should really do something about it. Excessive barking is specially annoying when people try to sleep at night. If you’re a dog owner who has learned to tune out your dog’s barking, but your neighbor says your dog’s barking is a problem, you can be sure it is a problem!.

Stopping Your Dog’s Barking

There are ways to help a dog stop barking so much. The first one is finding out if your dog barks because it is trying to express a problem, such as hunger, fear, stress, or even an illness, in which case you have to solve the underlying problem first. In some cases, you might even want to consult an expert.

But if your dog is healty and just barks as a bad habit, then getting a bark collar is a good solution.

Different Types of Bark Collars

Citrus spray (or citronella) collars work because most dogs do not like citrus smells. The smell is sprayed every time the dog barks, suprising it and making it stop. Some of them also make a hissing noise before spraying the citrus smell, as an additional deterrent.

Sonic collars will emit a sound that humans can’t hear, but dogs can, whenever the dog starts to bark. The sound is unpleasant for the dog, and it’ll stop as soon as the dog stops barking too.

You can also get an electic bark collar, which gives a mild elecrical shock to the dog when it barks. Contrary to popular belief, these are no more dangerous than the shock from static electricity.

There are even some dog bark collars that use more than one of these systems. Other dog bark collars use an escalation system, where the deterrent begins small or quiet, but escalates until the barking ends. These collars are a great tool to make dogs behave and control their barking.

If your dog barks, any of these dog bark collars will help you reduce the barking. Your neighbors will sleep better and so will you.

Excessive barking is annoying to neighbors, and should be dealt with. There are behavior modification methods, but even easier is using bark collars for dogs. They work by using one of three proven methods.

dog bark collars can be useful to eliminate barking that is not related to your dog’s health. Even if you get used to your dog’s barking, your neighbors will certainly not. bark collars for dogs will eventually train your dog and spare you from trouble.

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