The SBC-18: Training With Love

The SBC-18 collar is handy for those who are on the look out of a humanist solution to stop the relentless barking of their dog. It has a lot of advanced features, which include 18 progressive levels of correction and detection of barking with both sound and vibration sensors, as well as adjustability for neck sizes that range from 6 to 28 inches.

One of its modes is the “Test Collar” mode, that you can use to verify that the SBC-18 is in good working conditions. In this mode, you place the collar 8 inches away from you and you say the word “test” in the direction of the sensor. The LED should flash, indicating that the first level of static correction offered.

The collar will deliver a small static charge set at the lowest level of intensity the first time the dog barks, after that, it’ll automatically move on to the next level if it detects another barking within 30 seconds of the previous one. However, the auto-shut-off feature that comes with the no bark 18 collar shuts down the unit for 3 minutes if your dog continues to bark for more than 15 times within 50 seconds.

Keep in mind that the use of the no bark 18 collar should be restricted to those times when barking would be very inconvenient. The increasing statics corrections that are given progressively will distract the dog and keep it from barking. The corrections are always mild and painless, making it a safe and harmless way to train your dog.

Attractive Features of The SBC-18 Collar

The most appealing features include the umpteen correction levels, light-weightiness, waterproof capability, presence of test feature, limited warranty and a low battery indicator.

The SBC-10 comes in a cool looking, modern orange color.

Pre-Usage Instructions for SBC-18 Collars

The collar shouldn’t be used on agressive dogs. Do not use any other collar or object at the same time that the dog wears the SBC-18. For example, tether strings that can damage or activate the collar. Do not make your dog wear this collar for more than 8 hours per day. Finally, make sure that the SBC-18 fits comfortably in order to avoid rashes.

The SBC-18 is a great way of eliminating unnecessary barking. It is one of the most advanced collars in the market. You can get results really fast with the no bark 18 collar.

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