What’s Behind a Bark Shock Collar?

Among new dog owners the question of training their dog not to bark at the wrong time can be very difficult to answer. One of the most common solutions for this problem is using a bark shock collar, although the word “shock” alone is enough to scare some people.

First of all, owners have to understand that the concept of “punishment” is different to dogs than it is to humans. Dogs don’t have a good sense of the future and they live mostly in the present, so unless you correct them at the very moment they do something bad, they won’t understand your actions. Some new owners might feel that punishing a dog is morally wrong, without realizing that a dog’s sense of punishment and resistance is much more different from humans, For example, if the owners scold their dog for several minutes after the offense, the dog might get confused and fail to link the behavior with the scolding if the scolding goes for too long.

Instead, Use a Bark Collar!

A dog bark shock collar will deliver a static shock to the dog whenever it starts barking. The mild shock is a punishment delivered by the bark shock collar at exactly the right time for the dog to associate one with the other. With enough time, dogs eventually learn to refrain their barking so that they can avoid the punishment. In reality, the dog is not ‘hurt’ by the shock, it is confused and ‘forgets’ to bark while trying to work out what happened.

Since it’s not painful, professionals agree that a dog bark shock collars is acceptable and efficient in teaching your dog to behave.

No dog bark shock collar should be used for more than half an hour or so each day and then, only at times when barking would be a nuisance. Dogs will eventually learn the difference between allowed barking and “bad” barking, and stop the bad one. By using the bark shock collar according to the instructions that always comes with it, you will soon be able to teach your dog when not to bark while still allowing it to bark at other times.

bark shock collar has a reputation of being cruel. Nevertheless, the shock is rather harmless and panlessl and it only confuses the dog a little. On the other hand, using adog bark shock collar will help you train your dog and avoid invonvenient barking.

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