Boston Terrier Pug

The Boston terrier pug is a breed that has its own distinct personality. What’s more, he is very intelligent and always alert and his manners are something that endears him to everyone that comes in contact with this excellent dog breed. And, he is also very gentle which make him even more desirable. However, the Boston terrier pug retains some of his original traits and so he will often also become willful which is a sign that he still retains many of his fighting qualities that have been ingrained in him from his early days as a fighting animal.

Take Him When He Is Still Very Young

So, if you are planning on bringing him home as a pet you would be well advised to pick him when he is still at a very young age. And, once he becomes part of your family it is then necessary that you spend a lot of time in taking care of him and furthermore you will also have to be prepared to give him all the love as well as care that he can handle.

Before you find the right Boston Terrier pug it is necessary that you take into account a number of things including being absolutely certain in your mind that you really do want a pug as your pet. Once you have made up your mind and you have found a Boston terrier pug for sale you need to bring him up with all the devotion that you can muster. For instance, you need to realize that the Boston Terrier pug hates to be left by himself and in fact they expect to be around people at all times. So, you have to ensure that he is never left by himself.

Furthermore, the Boston terrier pug requires being given plenty of attention and he should be well cared for as well. All this means that as responsible owners you need to put in a lot of effort and take out sufficient time to devote to all his needs. In case you cannot find enough time to devote to the pug’s upkeep or you are not willing to put in the effort required to keep the pug well cared for then it is better that you look for another dog breed.

You have to also be prepared to take care of any health issues that might arise with your Boston terrier pug and so you have to take a special interest in this regard as well. Raising the Boston terrier pug requires spending on more than just for his daily upkeep because you will need to also devote all your time to him and you must also look after him in an organized and determined manner so that nothing goes wrong with him.

Purchasing the Boston terrier pug can be quite a daunting task since you will need to first of all have to avoid the pet shops and puppy mills and backyard breeders who won’t be able to provide you with good quality pugs. You need to only deal with reliable breeders that care for the breed and who also know the breed inside out and who take care that the best breed characteristics are preserved from one generation to the next.

The top notch breeders are very knowledgeable about the Boston terrier pug and they ensure that none of the dogs in their care are allowed to mate just to produce that extra litter. In fact, the better the breeder is the more they will ensure that they breed the pug very selectively while always at the same time keeping the breed’s best interests uppermost in mind.

Boston terrier pugs are excellent family dogs and they show their loyalty to their masters and will always stick by them no matter what. They can prove to be ideal companions to the elderly though when raising them you need to act with consistency and you should shower praise on them when they deserve it and in addition you have to treat them with patience and fairness and be firm whenever it is required.

As for their health, you should take care that they do not suffer from common health problems such as eye tumors. You need to always have an extra piece of cloth to clean up their drool and to keep his face clean you can give him a swipe with the cloth whenever required.

The bottom line is that if you have the patience and determination to take good care of him, the Boston terrier pug will prove to be an ideal family pet for you.

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