Choosing the Right Pug Breeder Is in Your Best Interest

There is a wide variety of pug breeders to choose from when deciding what pet to get. It almost seems that the best choice would be to cover one’s eyes and randomly pick a breeder, but that is of course not the case. There is a method that one can use to make sure that the chosen pug breeder will be the right one. It involves asking the right questions and getting to know the breeder on more than just a business level to make sure the pug is being bred in a healthy environment.

Asking Questions

Asking questions is one of the most important, if not the most important, tool someone can use to choose the right pug breeder. The breeder should be able to provide some sort of local breed club membership or a membership to the Pug Dog Club of America. Also, ask for a record of the pug’s shots and medical records. To make sure you are going to take care of your new pug in the right way, ask for any special instructions on how to take care of the pug. Even better, if you have any questions at all about raising the dog, be sure to ask the breeder.

Also, ask if you can visit the home of the breeder to make sure the pug has been living in a healthy environment. That way, both the pug breeder and the potential owner get a chance to meet and talk about the animal. The breeder wants a good home for the dog just as much as the new owner does, so the breeder should be willing to meet face-to-face and discuss the “transaction”. When choosing the right pug breeder, it is important to know that good breeders care deeply about the dogs they raise and will do everything in their best interest to provide the dogs with good homes and maintain a good reputation to build referrals and, hopefully, loyal returning customers.

After Getting the Pug

Leaving the breeder’s home with the pug does not have to be the end of the relationship between the new owner and the breeder. If the new owner has any questions regarding the pug, whether it is a health concern, general feeding questions, or anything else that comes to mind, one should not be afraid to get in contact with the breeder and ask away.

A sign telling you whether you chose the right breeder will be if he or she is willing to answer any questions the owner will have. The owner will receive medical records and special information needed for each puppy, and a pug breeder would not let one of his/her puppies go to an incompetent family. Having questions after bringing the puppy home shows that the owner cares for the dog and wants only the best for it. At that point, the pug breeder should know that it went to a good home.

Using these questions and any others one can think of when talking to or meeting with a pug breeder will make the process more comfortable and will allow the buyer to realize which breeder is the best choice for him/her. This should serve as a basic guide to choosing the right pug breeder. It takes equal effort and concern for the pug puppies on both parts to create a successful “transaction”.

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