Determining How to Choose the Right Pug Puppy for You

When visiting a house with puppies or answering a breeder’s ad and visiting his/her litter, it is natural to think every pug pup in the litter is the cutest thing you have ever seen, and that is ok. What one must be careful of is that “cuteness” is not the only factor that is used in determining which puppy is right one to take home. The buyer can test the pug puppies in different ways to test their overall playfulness, personality, and willingness to be around other or new people. This will not harm the puppies, of course, and will only take a few minutes. At that point, the potential new owner should be able to make a more educated decision about choosing the right pug puppy for his family.

What to Test

When taking a look at the litter, the buyer should take each puppy that he/she is considering and get it somewhere where it can be alone and away from the litter. Without the influence of the other pups, it is easier to tell what the individual personality of that puppy is. From there, one can determine how playful that pug is and how it reacts to the new owner. If the pug pup does not like being around different people then a different pug may be more personable at the start.

There is no way to find out and choose which puppy is right for you than to take each pug out on a ‘test drive’ by itself. Seeing how it reacts when away from the litter will be a good indicator of what the pug will be like when it comes home. It will also help determine if the puppy can handle being around new people and how it reacts when introduced to new faces in different places.

What Else

The best way to get actual information about the pug puppy is to ask the owner or breeder. A breeder especially should be able to answer almost any question or concern a potential buyer has. A breeder will have the health and immunization records of the pug pup, along with any personality quirks or disorders. These records will help you how to choose the right pug pup. The owner or breeder will be able to explain to the buyer how aggressive each pug is and how well they get along with each other.

Some dogs are bred solely for competition purposes. That would not be the best fit for someone looking for a pug that can lounge around the apartment all day. It is best to get all the facts about the dogs and the person selling them (or giving them away, although that will provide less information because those people usually just want to get rid of them at all costs) should say something from the start. Dogs have personalities just like people, and not all are what an owner could be looking for.

As anyone can see, there are many different factors that go into determining how to choose the right pug puppy for you. Taking into account the dog’s personality, playfulness, and attitude toward strangers will be good steps in choosing a dog that will undergo the smoothest transition into a new home. Some people like the challenge of having a dog with some attitude problems and are willing to put the pug pup through some obedience and discipline training.

Some have much more to worry about in their lives and the routine visits to the vet and the housetraining will be enough work for them. There are plenty of factors to consider, when choosing the right pug puppy. The deciding factor could even be whether you want a male or female pug puppy!

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