Benefits of Electronic Dog Containment Systems for Pet Owners

Dog containment systems are essentialy products that are used by the pet owners to keep their dogs safe within the boundaries of a specific area. The contained dog carries around its neck a collar from wich aversive stimuli, such as a warning beep followed by a safe, mild and painless electric shock are provided to it, and the collar device is triggered by a radio waves transmitter placed inside the house or in the middle of the established perimeter. This happens when the dog attempts to cross the invisible boundary set up around the desired containment area.

The dog is an intelligent animal that will soon associate the sensations induced by these aversive stimuli with its approach to the boundaries the owner established, and will cease attempting to cross over the perimeter of the electronic fence.

These dog containment systems have numerous benefits that millions of pet owners have enjoyed and continues to enjoy. Let’s see what are few of the pet containment systems’ benefits.

• Your dog will have better protection against road accidents, animal run-ins and other possible mishaps borne of being outside a designated safe area. Both you and your dog will not be forced to deal with the unpleasant outcomes of such accidents. This is possible for two reasons. First, you will be alerted to the dog’s attempt to cross the line because of the large beep emitted by the collar, which can give you sufficient time to issue a verbal command or run after the dog or both.

When you are not at home, the dog will be the one warned by the beep of the collar if to close to the perimeter line. In a few seconds after the beep, the collar will issue a mild electric shock that will stop the dog if it continued to approach the established boundaries. And your dog will fail into its attempt to jump in the middle of the street or to engage in fights with other pets. The dog will eventually head towards the house after receiving some of these mild but unpleasant electric shocks.

• Just a single shock is often sufficient for any dog to learn of the association between his bad behavior and the possible consequences. You can adjust the level of shock that will be delivered to your dog depending on its size, its temperament and the general circumstances surrounding the attempt to cross.

During the training you will notice that your dog requires less and less amounts of electric shocks. Use the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the electric shocks delivered in order to train your dog to stop when it hears the sound of the beep.

• It will cost you more time and money to set up physical dog containment systems as are the fences made from wood, stone or metal. Keep in mind, too, that these physical fences require maintenance expenses including additional real property taxes, which is in contrast with wired and wireless electronic systems known colloquially as invisible fences.

As these systems are portable, you can easily move them and create different safe areas in only a few minutes. Just set up the transmitters and you are set to contain your dog within the house or within the yard sans the need to actually break down walls.

The electronic dog containment systems help the dogs to be exposed to lesser risks of accident as well as lesser opportunities to run away.

The numerous benefits of these dog containment systems are well appreciated by millions. You can easily move them and create different safe areas. Due to the electronic dog containment systems your dog will be less exposed to accidents.



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