PRF-3004, the Best Selling in Ground Pet Containment System

The PRF-3004 is an in ground radio fence that comes with 500 feet boundary wire and 50 training flags. Training of your pet with our PRF-3004 is no longer a hassle. Not only the PRF-3004 comes with a nylon collar strap, but it can be expanded if you have a large property or area

The top of our Petsafe PRF-3004 is the receiver unit placed in the collar, since it’s very light and resistant to water and any type of weather. It’s very easy to set, even by novice trainers, and you can find tips on how to make the best of it online. It also proves handy whenever the owners are confronted with minor problems with respect to installation, working and set up. There is also the possiblity of purchaising a PUL-275 collar, which is compatible with the PRF-3004 system and makes the whole process even easier.

Operated using an RFA-67 battery unit, the system comes with a test light indicator that proves to be utile in trouble shooting. The collar that is included in the PRF-3004 in ground radio fence system is compatible with any other containment system from Petsafe.

The success of the PRF-3004 relies on the top quality and convenience of the product, the installation and the training that it provides for dogs. Of course, the main reason why the product is successful is that it delivers clear and effective results.

Better Training with the PRF-3004

It pays to take some time to plan the perimeter you want before you actually go and install it. The flags that are installed with the perimeter allow your dog to indentify the limits which it can’t go beyond. Equip your dog with a leash and take him to a small tour close to the perimeter so it can feel it, and make sure to offer him a treat whenever your pet comes back after you call him right before he crosses the boundaries.

Then turn on the invisible fence and slowly bring your dog close and pull him back when you hear the tone. That way, you’ll be teaching your dog to pull back by itself whenever it hears the warning tone.

Then gradually progress to an off lead training session and reward your dog when he resists going through the perimeter. If you’d like to learn more, click on one fo the links to watch some videos on how to train your dog.

The PRF-3004 is one of the best ways to keep your dog out of danger. It’s customazible and can be expanded if you have larger needs. Click on the links to see some videos about the Petsafe PRF-3004.

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