Protect Your Dog With an Electronic Dog Fence

Is your dog running away from home from time to time? The sporting breeds of dogs but not only those ones like to run for free in open spaces and to explore new or already known places. Dogs are tenacious and intelligent animals, and if they feel the need to get out, they will linally find out the way to escape from the fenced yard you have contained them in. If the yard you have is not yet fenced, and you are thinking this is the cause your dog runs away so often, it can be very expensive to build one, and quite frustrating to see your dog still escaping. If you don’t like the old fashioned physical fences, regardless the material they are built from, you can consider the new options offered due to technological development. You can choose to buy the electronic dog fence, that is modern, effective and quite easy to use.

An electronic dog fence is usually installed around the area you wish to fence in for your dog by a professional company. They will install a number of sensors on the perimeter of the fenced area that will interact with the dog containment collar you are going to attach around the neck of your dog. Whenever your dog gets close to one of these sensors, the collar will start to beep in order to warn your dog to turn back now. If the dog does not stop but gets closer to the containment perimeter where the sensors are installed, he will receive from the collar a mild electric shock. Ninety-nine percent of dogs will learn after two or three shocks to pay attention to the beep and to back up whenever he or she hears the sound.

Some people say this is not a humane treatment. However, the technology has been refined to be completely dog friendly. The collars usually have a shock setting on them that you get to set for your animal. As they don’t really know what the dog feels, many owners test the collar on themselves. Not even the strongest shocks do not pass over the intensity of the shocks we all got from static built up. It’s just startling the dog, it doesn’t really hurt him. This shock is more surprising than painful.

The small shock your dog gets is far more humane than the injuries and death that are very possible if he gets loose and hit by a vehicle or shot by a neighbour who fears he is after their livestock. Your dog is better protected inside one of these fences and getting a few shocks at first than having a yard your dog can get out of to roam the streets and fields unsupervised.

Any of the thousands of dog and electronic dog fence owners can testify that. Moreover, they can use the device to let the dog run free in any open space. The safety of your dog and his possibility to run as beeing free is worth the price of this device. It is completely safe and really easy to use. You just need to try it. Allow your dog the freedom of running about without a leash today.

The electronic dog fence is modern, effective and quite easy to use. Thousands of dog owners also got an electronic dog fence. You can easily set up and use this device.



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