Sportdog’s SDF-100: Keeping Temperamental Dogs From Danger

The SDF-100 is the perfect solution for dogs of any temperament. It doesn’t matter if your dog is stubborn or temperamental, the SDF-100 leave the owners free of worries.

How the System Works

The system works by emitting radio waves from the transmitter to the far end of the boundaries that you decide to set for your dog. The pet is trained to the presence of the predefined safe zone using the training flags for visual aid for the first couple of weeks. If the dog apporaches the invisible fence, then its collar will emit a warning sound indicating that the animal is too close to it. When the pet tries to cross the boundary limit, progressive static electric pulses are offered which in turn educate him to be contained within the preset area in the long run.

The collar provided with the system is water proof and can resist any type of weather; it also works with a 9 volts battery that has to be replaced every 6 to 12 months. The Sportdog’s SDF-100 includes a DVD with instructions on how to install the system and how to use it to train your dog.

Additional Features

For extra safety, the Sportdog’s in ground fence has a feature called anti-linger, which prevents your dog from escaping its assigned area even after the batteries are out of power. The progressive correction that can be adjusted based on the temperament of the dog is yet another noteworthy offering. Other noteworthy features are the low battery indicator, the loop indicant, and a collar that can be adjusted to your dog’s neck’s size.

The collar receiver of SDF-100 is designed to suit dogs that are over 4,5 kilograms. It’s not recommended for small breeds. The set allows you to build safe areas of 1000 feet of perimeter, and even more if you decide to buy additional wire. Additional collars can also be purchased if you own more than one dog.

The SDF-100 is the perfect solution for owners of dogs that are too temperamental. The system gives correction to dogs in doses that match the animal’s temperament. You can also expand the Sportdog’s SDF-100 if you want, by purchasing additional wire.

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