The IUC-5100: Keeping Your Dog Safe

Our IUC-5100 is the state-of-the-art solution to hassle-free pet containment and training of pets. It is specially useful for dog lovers and owners who live in an area that is hazardous for dogs, yet they don’t want to put their dogs on a leash all day long. The pocket remote trainer that comes with the Innotek IUC-5100 makes this UltraSmart Contain and Train Pet Fencing System unique.

Our Innotek’s IUC-5100 is the successor of our previous IUC-4100 system, and it’s been upgraded to offer you more options. The IUC-5100 system works with lithium-ion batteries and it offers 3 levels of correction delivered when your dog tries to leave the boundaries you set for it. However, when it comes to training, the IUC-5100 allows you to select one of 9 levels of correction, which makes it a very versatile tool that you can adjust depending on the stage of training of your dog.

Four water-proof splices, 2 sets of probes, a training DVD, transmitter-receiver unit, 150m of wire and a set of 50 training flags and a charger are bundled with every pack of IUC-5100 pet containment system. The default 150 yard boundary limit that is associated with this type of pet fencing can be expanded up to 25 acres with the help of additional training flags and boundary wires.

Other Benefits

The portable remote trainer can be used to train a couple of dogs within a range of 120m with ease. The collar that your dog has to use is lightweight and waterproof, and has a battery indicator, and it also has a snug fit indicator that will tell you if the collar needs adjustments.

The batteries included with the system can be recharged for greater convenience. The collar includes a battery back up as well as a low battery indicator, reducing greatly the risk of losing power and letting your dog escape the boundaries.

The possibility of using the right UV protected boundary wires that have a gauge thickness of 1mm and bought at wholesale pricing from external sources makes it even more affordable

Our IUC-5100 is a great way to train and contain your pet within bounderies. It includes 150 meters of containment limits, but you can expand it with additional wire if you desire to do so. Our Innotek’s IUC-5100 has 3 levels of correction for boundary containment and 9 for training.

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