Uses of the Invisible Dog Fence

Even if you don’t have a dog of your own, it’s very likely that you ran into a dog before. These dogs are called runners; they have owners, but they chose to run away, not being aware of the danger. Most of these dogs wouldn’t hurt a fly on the wall and are just out and about having fun without a care in the world until a driver doesn’t see the dog until it is too late or a non-dog person decides to take matters into their own hands. If you own a dog, it’s understandable that you want it to enjoy its freedom; yet, allowing it to run away isn’t a good idea. There is an option now that gives your dog the illusion of complete freedom while keeping him or her completely confined and protected. This is the invisible dog fence.

You must install this fence in the area surrounding your dog’s playground and also attach a collar at the neck of the dog, that is connected with the sensors of the fence. The collar produces warning sounds only when the dog gets closer to the limits of the area. If the dog ignores the warning sounds, the collar will give it a mild shock, which increases in intensity if the dog does not go far from the fence. Your dog will learn very quickly not to get too close; just a couple of shocks and he will stay well within his designated area.

Even if this imaginary fence is extremely efficient, many pet owners live with the impression that it hurts their animals. However, since they were first invented in 1971, the invisible dog fence has been improved drastically. The shocks administered by the dog collar are mild but annoying; they don’t hurt your dog, but draw its attention. Wearing such a collar is perfectly safe. Most versions of collars can have their shock intensity adjusted, according to the preferences of the dog owner. It is certainly more humane than the suffering your dog would experience if he is hit by a vehicle or wounded by a neighbour’s gun.

It’s been many years now since dog owners have enjoyed the benefits of the invisible dog fences. The peace of mind that the fence gives the owner is well worth the cost of the fence, which is less than if you were to put an average fence around your yard. When your dog gets used to not crossing the line of the fence, both your and its lives will be easier. It will also be able to see the surroundings of the area, as there are no physical borders. If you really want to help your pup, then getting an invisible dog fence for it is a small thing you can do. It is definitelly worth the price.

Many dog owners believe that the invisible dog fence is dangerous for their pets. In reality, the new generations of dog fences are harmless. Make an informed decision about the utility of a invisible dog fence!



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