What Is the Healthiest Dog Food for Your Pet?

What is the healthiest dog food? Homemade may be the best choice of all, as long as you choose wholesome ingredients.

The idea that “people foods” are bad for dogs is based on the fact that most people do not eat right. They eat unhealthy, processed, prepared and packaged foods that contain too much salt, too much fat and too many calories, but not enough nutrients.

Just think about it. If it is bad for your dogs, it must be bad for you, too.

Human beings do like some foods and spices that may be toxic to dogs. For example, onions and garlic contain a compound that is toxic to dogs. Onions contain more of the toxic compound, but fresh cloves of garlic are nearly as bad. Luckily, most dogs will turn up their noses to onions and garlic.

Chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs. It is equivalent to humans taking amphetamines. It can easily cause a puppy to have a heart attack. Raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts and walnuts are also toxic to dogs. We just don’t know why.

Sugar should be avoided, just because it adds calories and provides no nutritive value. Salt can lead to kidney problems. If your dogs are not exposed to sweets and salty foods, they won’t miss having them.

You can use small amounts of liver in a homemade dog food recipe, but you should only do so occasionally. Liver contains large amounts of vitamin A, which is toxic to both dogs and humans. Of course, humans can eat more without experiencing toxicity, just because their bodies are larger.

Cheese and milk can make tasty treats, but will cause stomach problems in some dogs. Lactose intolerance is another problem shared by both humans and their four-legged friends.

Which ingredients should be included in a homemade dog food recipe? Meat is one. Most dogs can eat all kinds of meat: poultry, fish, beef, lamb, etc. Dogs that are allergic to other kinds of meats can still eat lamb.

Rice is a good ingredient. Whenever our dogs are having stomach problems like diarrhea, the vet recommends chicken and plain rice. Barley is another good grain. Corn and wheat are not so good.

Mashed vegetables or fruits (other than grapes) can safely be added to increase nutritional value. The healthiest dog food is one that completely meets your dog’s nutritional requirements. It’s nice if he likes the way it tastes, too.

I always give my dog a healthy homemade dog food recipe and so should you.


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