Dog Manners Made Easy: Sportdog Training Collars

Training a hunting dog is very different from the basic training that is given (if any) to the average home dog. When you are training a hunting dog in the field the commands tend to be more complicated and verbal correction is not possible. In these cases, a hunter will find that Sportdog training collars are very effective for transmitting orders to their dogs.

Complex Signals

Since hunting commands give little chance of error, you’ll find that Sportdog training collars are crucial when teaching dogs complex orders. Instead of using the same correction over and over, you’ll have access to 16 different levels of corrections and may even assign each to a certain situation or command.

Another useful feature of these collars is that they let you set the intensity of the tone and vibrations that your dog will receive. This will give you extra flexibility in making the dog identify a specific order. All these features set Sportdog training collars apart from the rest.

Long Lasting and Adaptable

There no need to worry about replacing Sportdog training collars often. The collars are waterproof and will be able to withstand submersion in water, this is important if your dog will be swimming or near water.

If you have more than one dog, these collars can be expanded to train up to three dogs at the same time. Add to this that the collars have a range of one mile and you have the ideal training tool that can be adapted to any training you would like to undertake with your dogs.

Simple to Use

If you have never used Sportdog training collars before when training then you will be amazed at how easy it is to use these collars. Each set comes with a manual and a DVD that will explain you how to use the collar to train your dog. This will allow you to better understand the principle behind the collars and train your dogs more effectively. Once you learn how to use these collars you will not want to train your dogs any other way.

Sportdog training collars are specifically designed to tackle the needs of hunting dogs. They have a range of one mile, giving you and your dog enough space to work. Also,Sportdog training collars are highly adaptable for teaching complex commands.

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