How to Monitor Health Concerns Facing the Pug

A pug can have more health problems than other dogs. Thus, it is necessary to provide essential pug care and treatment to ensure that the animal leads a healthy and happy life. It can be time-consuming at first making sure the pug has the right diet, has a good veterinarian that is available almost all of the time, and gets enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight and happiness level. This strong pug care will be beneficial in the end because if the owner takes these steps, he/she can be assured that the pug will live a meaningful life with as little complications as possible.

Some of the Health Concerns Facing the Pug

A pug must be monitored constantly because of the added health risks facing the breed, but when tended to properly, this dog can be one of the healthiest breeds. Pugs tend to breathe heavier than other dugs because of a pushed-in face and small snout. When left out in hot weather, pugs will find it harder to breathe as they cannot keep their noses wet and cold like most dogs.

Another health concern facing the pug is due to a growth in the soft palate (at the top of the mouth), the pug may not be able to breathe right and the owner will hear a lot of wheezing and labored breathing. This is something that can be corrected through surgery. Also, again due to the pushed-in face, materials that can cause infections and diseases can get trapped in the folds in the face of the pug. It is important that the owner clean these folds or at least check them on a weekly basis.

Typical dog care also factors into pug care. Brushing the pug’s teeth on a regular basis will be beneficial to its health. That is, if the pug lets you. Some dogs are stubborn, the pug especially, and will not allow the owner to get a chance to brush its teeth. When given the opportunity, though, the owner should jump at the chance to be able to brush the dog’s teeth. The owner should also consider cleaning the dog’s ears out as well.

Amongst health concerns facing the pug, remember the pug tends to become overweight when given too much food. This dog has never learned the meaning of eating in moderation and will eat whatever is placed in front of it. The owner must be smart enough to put a healthy amount of food in front of the dog, along with enough water, to ensure the dog maintains a healthy weight.

Typical diseases and dog problems can also plague the pug. Good pug care, though, will help correct these problems in a timely manner to further prevent any more complications. There are more pug health concerns than with other dogs, but the owner will find that spending the extra time taking care of the dog will pay off in the end. A healthy pug means that the owner will have a dog that is extremely energetic, highly playful, and a great companion at all times. One way of making sure one’s pug is free from health concerns is learning how to choose a vet for your pug. This is possibly the most overlooked aspect of having a pug, but taking the time to research vets in the area will help make the pug and owner rest easier at night.

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