Are You Trying to Decide Between a Male and Female Pug?

This may seem like an easy answer for some, but there are differences among the different genders of pugs, and these are even more evident when these are pug puppies. Just like humans, there are subtle personality quirks in the genders of this dog that could swing a potential buyer’s decision to go with one gender rather than the other. Sometimes people make a choice about a dog based solely on the gender because that is their preference, but in the case of pugs, knowing how both male and female pugs act will help someone decide which gender is right for him/her.

Male Pugs

Pugs in general are highly energetic dogs with an incredibly large heart for its owner and the people that it lives with. Pug puppies are no exception; they want to play often and require plenty of attention. If one were to decide that he/she wanted a more laid-back pug, a male pug would be the safer route to take. In general, male pugs are calmer than the female pugs and would be more willing to lie on the couch with its owner while he/she watches television or reads a book.

Also, if there are a lot of people passing through the house or apartment much of the time, a male pug would also be more suited for that sort of lifestyle, as the male has been known to be more people-friendly. This could be true because males are known to be more dependent on their masters and the other people around them. They rely on their masters more for food and care, and would most likely become more jealous if the owner was not paying enough attention to them.

Female Pugs

A pug will require more attention and care than most dogs, and a pug puppy will hold very true to that statement. If an owner is not looking so much for a pug that will follow him/her around everywhere or have to be around people at all times, then perhaps a female would be the best choice. In general, female pugs have more of an individual personality, and would not mind being alone for some amounts of time while the owner is away or trying to get some work done in another area of the house. Neither male nor female pugs make much of a watch-dog, but if it came down to it, a female pug would be the best choice in that category, because a female would spend more time “on the look-out” than a male would.

A potential owner cannot go wrong if he/she were to choose either a male or female pug puppy. However, there are subtle differences in the dogs that can help an owner choose which puppy is right one to take home to the family. All of these past suggestions have hopefully helped to serve as a guide to choosing the right kind of pug. It may also deter people that were on the fence about getting this dog, and that is okay too. It is better to know everything about the animal now rather than get any surprises when it comes home and later regret getting the pug pup at all. Once the initial fizz of bringing the male or female pug puppy home has passed and he/she has gotten used to the rest of the family, it is now time to choose from pug puppy names, and sometimes that is not as easy as it sounds.

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