The Convenience of a Magnetic Pet Door for Your Cat

In some cases the magnetic cat door operates on batteries or electricity, but most do not which means they are not subject to battery or electrical failure and are ever-lasting. This is one of its main advantages, because it means that the cat won’t be locked out of the house if the power failure occurs when the owner is away at work or on vacation.

How Magnetic Doors Operate

This door is able to detect the electromagnetic field of a magnet that is part of a collar that the cat has to wear, which turns the collar into some sort of door key. When this magnet is close to the door due to the approach of the cat, the door opens. In this way, the cat can come and go as it pleases and the door will always be locked when not in use.

This feature is a big plus for pet owners who are not home during the day or who are away on weekends because they will not have to worry if their pet can get in or out of the house while they are away


The magnetic cat door is safe and secure for pets to use because the door automatically locks after the cat passes through the door and only opens when activated by the magnetic collar around the cat’s neck. So, if your cat is chased by animals or by mean spirited children, once it’s inside the house, the door will protect it from pursuers. As a nice addition, thieves can’t use the door to get into your house either.

There are a few models that will give you other options, such as leaving the door open or closed at all times. They are fairly easy to install and are very well-built.

Generally the magnetic pet door is weatherproofed which will help keep out drafty cold weather in the winter and blazing hot heat from the sun in summer. While a magnetic cat door is very convenient, it’s not recommended for very young kittens.


They generally cost about $50. But some fancy models can cost up to $100. You can even get one made in order to fit the style of your house, but that will cost even more.

If you have a cat, installing a magnetic cat door is a very good idea. This way, there’s no need to open the door or a window every time the cat goes in or out. Oh, and amagnetic pet door will ONLY open for your cat.

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