Understanding How an Electronic Dog Door Benefits You

A electronic dog door can be powered by batteries or by plugging it to a regular home electrical outlet. This type of door uses high technology in oder to make life easier for the dog and its owner. The door has detectors that can sense the presence of a special collar that your pet has to wear, and will open only when this collar approaches. With this system, no other animal will be able to get into your house. An electronic pet door costs more than other types of pet doors, but they are worth the price.

Unlike regular pet doors, automatic pet doors will let your dog come in and go out whenever it wants, but unlike regular pet doors, they will not only keep other animals out, but also water from rain and dust from the street. Traditional pet doors can be entered anytime but electronic doors close right after the pet has passed through it and stay closed until the pet returns.

How These Doors Work

There are various kinds of doors but they generally function in the same way. The door has some sensors which make the door open when they detect a magnetic (sometimes infrared) signal emitted by a collar that your dog has to wear at all times.

The door will automatically open after the dog passes through and it will lock until the dog returns to pass through again. There are also styles that allow the owner to use a remote control device which allow the owner to control when the door is opened or closed.

It is interesting to know that a electronic pet door’s sensors can tell the difference in size between a dog and a person, and thus won’t open to burglars.


Since the level of technology used plays a great role in the price aside from the material and size of the dog door, models can go from $40 to $700 in price.

Other features include battery back up and different locking options.

The electronic dog door is powered by normal electrical current or by batteries. It locks after the dog comes in, keeping animals and rain outside. Depending on your specificelectronic pet door model, you may get different features.

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