The Physical Appearance of the Pug’s Face and Body

If shown a picture of a pug without knowing its name, many people would at least be able to recognize the dog due to its unique defining characteristics and appearance. Some would never get a pug because of its physical appearance while others find it “cute”. Either way, the pug has features unlike almost any other dog and continues to find its way into the homes of millions and the medal stands of many competitions.

Facial Features

The face is quite possibly to most defining element of the pug’s physical appearance. The pug has huge, bulging eyes that find their way into the hearts of many potential owners. The eyes tell a lot about this dog, as its emotions are easily read due to its size. This makes it easier to see what the dog is thinking and whether or not it is in pain. The face of a pug is also covered in wrinkles, and is often, other than when the pug is black, a different color than the rest of the body.

These wrinkles make the face seem like it is melting or saggy and it covers the mouth, which is sometimes only evidenced by the little pink tongue that protrudes through the wrinkles. These dogs also do not have skeletal brow ridges to protect the eye as well as extremely short snouts. This leaves two problems; one being that the eye is not protected well and is prone to injury and the other is the dog is susceptible to health concerns in hotter weather because of its short snout.

The Body

The physical appearance of the pugs is very small and stout. A pug has very well-built leg muscles and a deep chest, adding to its stocky frame. The hair on his body is fine, smooth, and soft and is typically less than an inch long but it sheds just as much, if not more, than any other dog. That makes it necessary to brush it and clean it often, because this dog is known to be very small and will be on one’s lap getting hair all over one’s clothes if the pug’s hair is not kept under control.

The pug ranges in four different colors: silver, apricot, fawn, and black. Its ideal weight ranges from 14 to 18 pounds, thus making it a companion/toy dog. It is obviously very little and due to some of its features, can cause more health concerns than other dogs. Sometimes the physical appearance of the pug deters some potential owners, but most people find the wrinkled face and stocky body to be endearing qualities and do not mind the added trips to the veterinarian’s office.

One should not be concerned about losing the dog, because it rarely leaves the side of its owner. It is important not to go out and get this pet just because you like the physical appearance of the pug, but to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. It could be that those big, dark, bulging eyes convey a feeling of loyalty and love that will win someone over when deciding to get a new puppy. Or it could also be the loving personality of a pug, which might make your decision easier.

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