Were Can I Find a Pug Breeder in New York or States Around New York?

i am looking for a pug, and i don’t wanna buy it in a pet store so if you know of any dog breeders that would help me a lot thank youu!

pugs ar us at jenkins and 145th

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  1. Kellina says:

    Sometimes breeders ship the animals to you, no matter where you are. You may not have to really limit your search. That, and also, you could also look for a pug rescue. They normally ship the dogs to you as well. Sometimes they are already trained and such. You get to rescue a pup in need too!
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  2. Bonnie says:

    A minor cannot purchase/adopt a dog. It’s illegal to conduct type of business with anyone under the age of 18.
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  3. bluebonnetgranny says:

    You live there, I don’t. Watch your local newspaper.
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  4. Beezer in November! says:

    breeder referrals from the breed club
    the rescues

    pug club of newyork

    guidelines for finding a reputable breeder:
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  5. Cookie The First One says:

    Glad you don’t want to get it in a pet store. Those puppies are ones that are either bred on a puppy farm, or from a back yard breeder that can’t sell them any other way.
    Here is how to find a breeder near you.
    To the right of the picture of the pug, you will see a blue line about puppies. Actually I just noticed it’s orange….lol. click on that.
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  6. pilar says:

    If you’re under 18, you’ll have to have an adult come with you because no true breeder will sign papers over to a minor, of course you have to be because minor cannot enter into a contract that’s legal, plus it makes any "warranty" void. Plus, be ready to pay a pretty penny, cause reputable breeders that raise AKC registered pups can charge a high rate. Try Breeders.net. All you do is select the breed and type in your zip code and it’ll list all the breeders of that specific breed nearest you. Most breeders on there are professional, just be sure to check them out first before purchasing from them. Good luck.
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  7. Brenna says:

    Too bad you just missed dog shows on Long Island last weekend. There are shows coming up in both New Jersey and Massachusetts vey soon. The best thing to do would be go to a show, watch the Pugs being judged, and talk to the breeders/owners/handlers of the dogs there.

    Another thing to do, contact dog clubs. There is likely a local dog club, they may know of a local Pug breeder. If not, contact either the Pug Club of New York or the Pug Club of America. They should have listings of quality breeders and be able to choose the right breeder for you.

    I’m sorry that I’m not very involved in the Toy group, I would love to help you find the right breeder…but I’m more commonly with the big dogs.

    Keep doing your research! And thank you for not supporting pet stores and puppymills.
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  8. C.A. says:

    Why not adopt from a local rescue, pound, or shelter?
    They are much more affordable than a breeder.
    Pet stores are the worst - they support puppy mills.
    The only online source to trust would Petfinder.com
    I say adopt - it is a great way to get a good dog.
    If you do decide to get from a responsible breeder, not a back yard breeder, or some random people selling puppies in a parking lot, then make sure of their history, credentials, and professionalism.
    My personal opinion is adopt.
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    Multiple dog owner, research, common sense, etc.

  9. Big Jebb says:

    pugs ar us at jenkins and 145th
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