Diet and Nutrition is Key for Good Pug Care

Canine obesity is a growing problem among dogs in the United States. It is becoming increasingly important that the owners of dogs, pugs especially, take special note of the food that the dog is eating. This type of pug care can lead to far fewer bodily illnesses when the dog gets older and it will help make the pug lead a longer and healthier life.

Diet and nutrition is as easy as just reading the labels of the food at the pet store and limiting the outside food that the pug gets to eat. The family that houses the pug must cooperate and make sure that the pug is not being fed more than it should be. Communication is a key component; maybe the family can designate someone to feed the dog so this type of confusion does not take place.

What to Feed the Pug

Pug care dealing with food has one main point: do not allow the dog to overeat. These dogs have no sense of when to stop, so they will eat anything that is put in front of them. It is up to the owner to monitor the amount given to the dog to ensure that it does not become overweight. There are a number of things that can go wrong with a dog later in its life if it is not fed properly from the start. Obesity in dogs can lead to joint pains, problems with the organs, and a decrease in the immune system. Food moderation is a key to a healthy and nutritious diet for pugs.

The owner must take note of what kind of food is being given to the dog. Dog care specialists have designed foods based on the age and weight of the dog. If the pug is a puppy, then it should be given puppy food that contains all the right nutrients in its diet that allow it to grow up to be a healthy adult.

Pug care specialists have created numerous treats that will help pugs fight obesity (by being fat free) and have no cholesterol or sodium. Making sure that all of the food a pug eats is 100 per cent natural is important as well to ensure balanced nutrition in its diet. If the owner decides to allow “human” food to be consumed by the dog, he/she must make sure the dog will not get sick from it and it does not contain anything that may contribute to obesity.

Visiting the pet store will allow the owner to find all sorts of fun treats that make pug care fun and easy. The owner will be able to play games with the pug and give it treats while training it to be housetrained for example. That way, the pug is eating healthy and gets to have a treat while also learning the basic attitudes needed to be a house pet. Many foods are available today that are specifically for an age group or breed of dogs. It is easier to find these foods and create a nutritious diet for a pug; all it takes is some added time at the pet store determining which food to buy. The right diet to feed your pug is easy if you monitor the quality and quantity of the food added to its bowl.

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