Tips for Successful and Stress-Free Pug Grooming

Some new owners may think that they will never have to groom their pugs because that is something expensive. Or maybe they think that is something only women do to their female dogs to make them look nice. Unfortunately, some owners believe that the only thing they will need to do is give their pug a bath every once in a while.

Pug grooming does involve giving them a bath, but it also has other things that go along with it. If the owner wants to have a house that is relatively hair-free and a healthy, and clean, pug, then the owner will have to suck it up and get ready to do some grooming, which may or may not include a little pug haircut sometimes.

Keeping Pug Grooming Easy

Pug grooming will have to take place on a weekly basis, but it will not consume an entire day. If an owner is willing to do all the necessary steps to having a clean and healthy dog (and he/she should be willing to do that), then it should only take up to 20 minutes one day a week. When the owner decides to give the dog a bath, it may take a little longer. Owners do not have to give their dogs baths every week, only when it seems to be necessary. If an owner truly does not want to give the dog a bath, many services are available that will do it for the owner. However, a few things that owners must do on a weekly basis are brushing the dog and cleaning the wrinkles on the forehead and face.

Brushing the dog is simple and any owner will want to do it to keep the pug from shedding. Pugs are known to shed often and obviously many owners will not want to be covered in pug hair. A simple brushing once a week will help to keep the massive amounts of shedding to a minimum. The owner will have to invest in a simple brush that will be able to brush the thin, sleek coat of the pug. Pug owners will also find it beneficial to brush the pug’s teeth once in a while to help fight off dental problems.

Cleaning the Wrinkles on the Face and Forehead

This is vital to keeping a pug happy and healthy. It is bad enough that the dog’s nose can get dried up and scabby or how it can have difficulty breathing in the hotter weather because of such a small snout. The pug also has to deal with the problem of getting dirt and grime in the wrinkles on its face and forehead. Pug grooming is incomplete without the cleaning of these places on a pug’s body. It will keep the dog’s face clean and ensure that sickness will at least not come from a dirty face.

Pug grooming is something that is necessary, but luckily it will not consume a large part of the owner’s life. Simply brushing the dog’s teeth or brushing its coat once a week will help make it clean and healthy. The pug owner needs to know what is needed to groom the pug as with the right brushes and washing materials, pug grooming is as easy as 1-2-3.

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