Pug Mix

At one time purebred pedigrees were all the rage amongst dog lovers. You will still find many people who love purebred dogs and will only have pedigree dogs. However with purebred dogs there are sometimes breed specific health problems. This is usually a result of irresponsible breeding via puppy mills and uninformed backyard breeders.

The newest trend in the canine companion world is cross breeding, or the propagating of ‘designer dogs’. Once considered mutts, these mixed breed dogs are becoming very popular with pet owners. The pug mix is just one of the many beloved breeds that are being crossed with other breeds to get an entirely new type of breed. There are at the moment three very popular pug mixes that are being bred. They are the Chug, the Pugle, and the Bugg. All funny names, but all adorable dogs.

The Chug

The Chihuahua Pug or Chug is a pug mix that is half pug and half Chihuahua. The appearance of this mix can vary depending on the type of Chihuahua that makes up the mix. The snout of the Chug is the most noticeable difference in this pug mix. The snout is elongated rather than the flat snout of the pug. This will mean your adorable Chug does not have the breathing difficulties that many pugs suffer from.

The Chug is smaller than the pug and the fur will usually be longer than that of a pug. However, if a long haired Chihuahua is mated with a pug the puppy might have adorable long hair. The color and coat will depend very much on the parents of your puppy. These dogs are very friendly and will make good pets for the whole family.

The Pugle

If you love the sad eyes of the beagle and the wrinkles of the pug then this is the perfect pug mix for you. You will have a pug mix that is about the same size as a beagle but it will probably be slightly smaller. These dogs have adorable curled tails, and gorgeous sleek coats that are short haired. Perfect if you don’t want to spend too much time grooming your dog.

Since the Pugle has the great temperamental qualities of the beagle you can be assured of a very faithful companion in this pug mix. Added with the little wrinkles along its snout and its big puppy dog eyes you will never be able to resist a Pugle once you have set eyes on one. This is also a very intelligent pug mix that is easier to train than the Chug.

The Bugg

The Boston Terrier Pug is probably the liveliest of the pug mixes; this is due to its Boston terrier heritage that makes up this pug mix. If you love an energetic dog that is always up for fun and games then this might be the best pug mix for you. The downside is that these dogs tend to be a little high strung and may not be for everyone. However with training this might be toned down a little.

The ears of this pug mix might either be pointed like the terrier or dropped like the pug. You will see the pug face in this pug mix, while the body runs more towards the terrier side of the family. If you want a nice sturdy little dog then this is the ideal cross breed for you. It also shares the tendency of the pug to breathe through its mouth, which can make it look like it is smiling at you all the time. Some people adore this characteristic in pugs and will love it in a cross breed.

Selecting The Right One

At the end of the day the type of mix you choose will be based a lot on what you would like to see in a pug mix. Depending on whether you would like to see the pug side dominate or to see more of a mixture of features. Cross breeds tend to be hardier and have less health problems than their pure bred counterparts.

This is one reason that cross bred dogs are gaining popularity. However to make sure that you are getting a healthy cross breed you need to make sure that the parents are healthy too. Do your homework and you will soon find the right pug mix for you.

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