A Few Things to Remember During Pug Obedience Training

Pug training in any way would not be an easy task. The pug is a very stubborn animal and will not give in easily to the teachings of the owner. The best way to keep the dog interested is to implement a reward system in which the pug gets a treat for every good thing that it does and gets punished for every bad thing that it does.

During pug obedience training, people have found that flicking a puppy on the nose (not too hard to hurt it, just an annoying flick) will break it of bad habits quickly. Others find that yelling at the dog in a stern voice will help break it of undesired behaviors. Either way, the reward system is an intricate part to the success of pug obedience training.

Be Negative When You Have to, and Stay Negative

There is one way to combat the stubborn attitude of the pug, but if this method is broken then all hope could be lost for a long time when training the puppy. It is easy to keep a happy attitude when the dog does something that you approve of. All you have to do is give it a treat, pat it on the head, and play with it some more. What makes a good pug trainer is someone who is able to stay negative when the pug looks up at you with those big, dark bulging eyes after it has done something wrong.

It is easy to give into temptation and look back at those eyes with a soothing expression and speak kind words to the puppy. At that point, you might as well throw in the towel because the dog has you where it wants you. You must stay strong and keep a face that proves to the puppy that you mean business. Pugs are very adept at reading expressions so one must be sure that he/she has kept the right expression in each situation.

Pug obedience training will be one of the most difficult things a pug owner has to go through - that is, until he/she has to deal with pug potty training. Having a puppy was never meant to be fun and games all the time. Owners will have to deal with messy dogs, dogs that chew up the furniture, do nothing but whine while the owners are trying to sleep, and cannot learn to perform any commands the owner wants it to. The best advice anyone can give to someone going through obedience training with a puppy, let alone one as stubborn as the pug, is to reassure them that eventually all that work that person is putting in to the reward/punishment system will eventually stick in the mind of that puppy. After that, the other aspects of the puppy can be enjoyed.

Pug potty training can be just as nerve-racking as obedience training, but is an essential thing for the puppy to learn if the owner ever wants a clean house that does not contain the constant smell of puppy poop. An owner can use the same basic principles of obedience training when teaching a puppy to be house broken, and there are now some new methods one can use to help the process of pug potty training become quicker.

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