The Patient Task of Pug Potty Training or House Breaking

Just like obedience training, pug potty training requires plenty of patience and hard work on the part of the owner. The house breaking must begin early so it is easier for the pug to understand where it needs to go to the bathroom. The owner cannot get too upset with the pug if it does not learn potty training right away. The person with the new pug must realize that this particular breed of dog is known to be very stubborn and it can take a while for it to fully comprehend everything that is being thrown at it.

How to Successfully Participate In Pug Potty Training

Whenever the puppy decides to go to the bathroom inside the house, be sure to use a stern voice to let it know that it cannot go potty wherever it pleases. It may be a little overwhelming at first for the puppy and the owner to start housetraining outside. What the owner can do is set up newspaper around the house and praise the pug pup whenever it goes to the bathroom on these designated spots.

There are now specially-designed, sometimes called “pee pads”, that are meant solely for dogs to use indoors while being house trained. These pee pads allow for easy clean-up when going through the arduous and almost always frustrating task a of house training a pug. The pug will most certainly make mistakes in this phase and the owner needs to keep in mind the importance of the reward/punishment program.

Once the pug has learned to successfully go potty on the designated spots for a few weeks, it is time to move the training outside. Pug potty training outside can be difficult because the dog can be nervous in this new environment or get distracted by all that is going on in the outside world that it so rarely gets to visit. The owner should take the dog outside three to four times per dayz and wait for the dog to go to the bathroom.

Using something familiar like the newspaper or pee pads outside may help the pug make the connection. Whenever the pug goes to the bathroom outside, be sure to praise it. Eventually, the dog will learn that it needs to go to the bathroom outside to receive praise from its master or else it will get punished. Pug potty training can even rub off onto the master as the dog will find different ways to let the owner know that it needs to go to the bathroom. The owner should be on the lookout for these cues as the pug gets older.

Pug potty training is a long and harrowing journey that will remind some of raising a small child. Both can be stubborn and it is sometimes hard to get over their cute features when trying to perform the act of assessing punishment. Nonetheless, a parent or owner must stay strong in his/her convictions in order to reach the intended goal of getting the pug housebroken or the child to perform basic addition. The next sections will focus on pug rescue and adoption and what to expect from these dogs.

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