What Dog Should I Get?

a French Bulldog


a pug


a basset hound


a jack russell


an english springer spaniel


my girlfriend suggested one or two of these.

so give me your honest opinion or even suggest a dog i have not listed thank you.




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  1. Eugine says:

    A beagle, you will fall in love with this breed. Most loving breed ever, but also very lazy. They also bark a lot. If you can deal with that, this is a great dog. Look it up. It is very much like the basset hound in temperament (from personal experience, idk about in general).
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  2. j.frilot22 says:

    Im not sure if you know, but jack russells are really hyper, and high strung. And basset hounds drool a lot, and they bark a lot in that loud howling hound bark, like beagles. French bulldogs have a lot of health problems with there face, same with pugs… Dirt gets in the creases, and is bad for them. And I dont know much about English Springer Spaniels. Hope this helps.
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    I know people who have all those dogs except the spaniel. Also I research a lot about dogs.

  3. Rebekah says:

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  4. aprilrain says:

    They’re all so damn cute I can’t pick one. Do some research on each to see which one best fits your life style. That usually works best.
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  5. Kiki says:

    Well, what kind of dog can you handle? What size would you like? What kind of grooming can your provide? How about exercise and training? We can’t recommend a breed without knowing what you could do for a dog.
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  6. RabbitLover17 says:

    Definitely a pug! I have 2 Pugs and they are so loveable! They get so excited to see you, and they love to go on walks! Also they had two batches of puppies together, and they were the cutest!!! One thing about them though is you have to feed them sparingly like we feed them morning and night a cup each, because if you set a bowl of food down, they will eat and eat until they pop! So just be aware of that. Hope this helps!
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    My 2 puggers

  7. Sinead Hanlon says:

    my jack russell is brilliant! shes only 7 months old and is such great company. shes very clever, playful and obediant. jack russells are great dogs, believe me. quite a lot of my friends have one, and theres are very good to. its true they can get hyper, but they can easily be calmed down:)
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  8. N says:

    actually… i recommend chocolate labs… chocolate labs are easy to train, good with kids, good with other pets, they are extremely obedient, laid back but not lazy, and most of all very cute! i recommend chocolate labs to anyone who is looking for a new dog… hope this helped!
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  9. :/sacred_xheartx says:

    get a jack russel i have one. there really energetic and will play all the time but are really loving and cuddly as well. their amazing <3

    there really clever as well and are easily trained.
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    my jack russel

  10. Undecided says:

    Okay which dogs don’t belong….
    Frenchies, Pugs and Basset Hounds are low-matinence, easy going dogs that aren’t terribly active. For people not dedicated to exercising them for hours on end, they make good pets. Although prone to more health problems than JR’s and Springers they are definitely waaaaay more low energy. These breeds are also hard-headed and need a patient hand in training

    JR’s and Springers, however need an hour or two every day where they can run in a safe, fenced in area. They excel at dog sports such as Field trials, tracking, obedience, earthdog competitions, agility, flyball and disc dog competions and are exteremely high energy. Neither do well in apartments and much prefer a house with a medium sized to large backyard where they can run around. This is because A. they love to run, and B. JR’s love to bark and dig.

    I highly suggest scottish terriers. When taught from a young age obedience and they are not rulers of the world they make the best pets i’ve had. They are loyal and if socialized with children will defend them fearlessly. We credit my scottie with saving my sisters life (when she was about 2 she went out on a snowy day (who knows how she figured out how to get the door open) with below freezing temperatures in only a diaper while my mom was in the bathtub. Max immediately ran and scratched and barked at the bathroom door until my mom got out and realized what was happening). They are exteremely loyal and good natured around what they see as "their pack". Reserved with strangers but mostly just great little dogs to have!

    There are many, many breeds out there, and mutts in shelters that need a home. Please do your research and find a worthwile breeder (no puppy mills- make sure you see facilities before buying) or rescue a dog that may be euthanized if not adopted. Rescues can make just as good of pets as purebreds. Check out different breeds (I found this very useful, but know not all generalizations apply to all dogs) by typing in the breeds name to google, followed by the words good and bad. So your search query looks like:
    "(dog’s breed) good bad"
    Here are the links to the breeds you specified
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