It Can Be Fun Having a Pug Puppy

For many of us, having happy moments when at home means owning a puppy. Just seeing the pug puppies run around the house can lift the spirits of everyone in the house, except for Dad when his shoes have been chewed apart by the little one! Owning a pug puppy is more than having a lot of fun, it also implies a lot of responsibilities. There is added care for the puppy, certain supplies need to be purchased for the pug puppy, and added attention must be paid to it so it does not get hurt or go to the bathroom in places that are not meant for that purpose.

The Supplies You Need To Take Care Of Your Pug Puppy

There is an added care that goes into having a pug puppies or any puppy for that matter, around the house. The puppy will at first be frightened of its new surroundings and will not want to venture much around the home for a little while. But after a while, the pug pup will begin to explore its new home and to get used to its surroundings. You will need to start housetraining the puppy as soon as it starts its explorations. One of the sides of their character is stubbornness and this makes them a bit difficult to train, sometimes for their entire first year in your house. The owner should not get mad or use force when training, but must be assertive and patient until the pup will be accustomed to use its sand crate.

pug pups will need basic supplies just like any other puppy. An owner must be careful to give the puppy the right kinds of dog food to not only prevent disease, but to make the pup the healthiest it can be for its age. From the beginning, you should establish right feeding habits for your puppy, to prevent its belly problems in the future. They are small and can be hurt if sleeping in your bed. They have a bothering tendency to snoring.

Choosing a Puppy and Giving It a Name

Some people choose the pug puppy having the coat color they like. There are actually several criteria to consider when finding a new puppy. When you buy from a pug breeder, he will provide you with the pug’s medical record and basic information. This is maybe the best place you should buy. So first look for a breeder close to your location.

The name, even for a pet, is for a life time. Many people like to go with the “Milo and Otis” theme or maybe Frank the talking dog from Men in Black. Or from some TV series, like Seinfeld. Creating a name for the puppy is just as important as determining the pug pup in the first place.

To establish a healthy and happy dog-family relationship for its entire life, take good care of it from the beginning. Overlooking the importance of good care for the pup will affect your relation on the long term.

The pug puppies will at first be frightened of their new surroundings . The pug pups tend to snore and that bothers the owners. You may choose a name from a movie for your puppy.



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