The Most Efficient Way to Care for a Pug Puppy

Bringing a puppy home can be a very exciting time for anyone. The owner cannot wait to play with the puppy and shower it with love and affection and treat it the best way possible, which is a good thing in due time. One thing the owner must keep in mind is this: the new pug puppy will be very apprehensive at first about entering these new surroundings and will most likely remain aloof for the first weeks. While the new puppy is at home, the owner must do everything in his/her power to make the environment as friendly and safe (without any unnecessary things that could scare the pug) as possible to show that he cares for the pug pup and to allow it to warm up to its new home.

How to Prepare

Before the pug puppy arrives home, the owner should take a few measures in preventive puppy care to ensure that it has a smooth transition into its new home. New faces will certainly scare the pup at first, so children must be warned that for a while the new dog could be frightened and will bite if it feels it is being threatened. For the most part, pugs are extremely friendly dogs and would do nothing to harm someone that it lives with, but those first weeks are stressful times and it can act out, like any other dog in that situation, in a way in which it would not normally.

As part of proper puppy care, the right foods and bed provisions should be prepared for the puppy. Foods designed especially for the health of puppies should be readily available and in strong supply. Anything that could harm the pup, such as small toys (as a puppy will most certainly be chewing on just about anything in its sight) should be out of sight. Also, the family that is welcoming the new pug puppy (or puppies) should be aware of the way the new puppy will be acting and should act accordingly, that is, in a calm and soothing manner that will allow the dog to feel safe.

When the Puppy Arrives

When the new pug pup arrives, it is natural for everyone to want to touch it and hold it at the same time. This can be very stressful for the puppy, so one should gauge its reaction when it first arrives to determine if it is ready to be held every five seconds. If not, in order to care for the puppy, the family must condition itself to keep its distance for just a little bit until the puppy is ready to play, which will not be very long in most cases as the pug is one of the most playful dogs around.

Within time, the owner must housetrain the pug and take it to the veterinarian to receive proper care and necessary immunizations. These are two very important steps in assuring that the puppy’s life is off to a good start. Housetraining the pug at an early age will be beneficial to both parties, as the pug (when it is not in the middle of a stubborn episode) will learn quickly that playtime starts when he/she goes to the bathroom outside. The owner must be diligent in keeping rewards in line with the correct behavior, or the pug pup may never learn, just as the owner must be diligent in taking care of the pug and making sure to take it to regular vet visits. A pug needs the vet more than most dogs, so this must be observed closely by the owner. Preparing for your pug puppy can seem like a daunting task, but keep in mind a few small things and the transition can be an easy success.

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