Some Really Great Pug Puppy Names to Choose From

So finally you have chosen which pug to get, received all the health and immunization records from the previous owner or breeder, and are ready to commit enough time to raising a pet. Now comes the fun part: choosing a name for your pug puppy. Granted, it is fun coming up with new and unique names for the pug pup, but sometimes it is not easy to find a name that will stick.

This name will be with the dog for the rest of its life, everyone will know it by the name you create at that moment, so it has to be perfect. Your pug puppy’s name can be based on its personality, figure, or perhaps play off of the wrinkles in its face. There are many different routes an owner can take when trying to determine a name for the pug, and listed below are some good pug puppy names that the owner can either use exactly or as a platform to create some new ideas.

Top Male Pug Names

Male pug names may be easier to come up with than female names because a female normally would not be thought of as having the looks of a pug. Nonetheless, it is still difficult coming up with an original name for a male. Playing to the strengths of the dog may serve in coming up with a good name for it. Try basing a name off of the physical characteristics of the dog, such as its nightly wheezing or wrinkly face. The small, stout little body of the pug may come as an easy starting point when coming up with a name.

Pug puppies need a good name just as anything else, and whether or not the owner wants to admit it, this is an important step in creating a happy pug. Creating a good name at the start will just get one thing out of the way sooner and allow the owner to worry about more important things such as veterinarian visits. Below are some good male pug names.

10. Frank
9. Dr. Bounce
8. Dumpling
7. George
6. Edgar Allen
5. Dennis
4. Gizmo
3. Chewy
2. Pudge
1. Warf

Top Female Pug Names

Owners may find that female names are harder to come by than male names due to the appearance of a pug. This may also come as a plus point when coming up with a name to fit the new pug puppy. Listed below are some names that could very well fit a female pug pup. Of course, these are not the only names that can be used, but they serve merely as a starting point to create new ideas for that wonderful new puppy.

10. Pugalicious
9. Oprah
8. Panda Bear
7. Cha-Cha
6. Peaches
5. Ladypug
4. Muffy Wiggins
3. Cinnamon Roll
2. Daisy Duke
1. Miss Puggy

These are some good names to use as starting points, unless the owner wants to use the names exactly, which is just as well. Nonetheless, it is hard coming up with a name sometimes to fit the pug puppy, and this helps make it a little easier when the owner has more important things to worry about, like general pug care. Keeping the pug healthy and happy becomes the next concern for the owner as he/she tries to maintain that strong balance for the rest of the pug’s life.

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