September 27, 2008

Paralyzed Pug Puppy Walks Again - (& How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself)

If this dog cannot make you smile…

BTW, this dog is up for adoption. Anyone in Nagoya watching this?

Thanks to the Kozawa Animal Clinic for always taking great care of my dog, Maggie and all the other animals who go there!

Duration : 0:4:14

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September 27, 2008

Gimmeabreakman @ 11:02 pm

Yep! Neko = Cat.
Yep! Neko = Cat.

illidanwashere772 @ 11:02 pm

u said neko which …
u said neko which means cat right?

TRUTHINLULZ @ 11:02 pm

I Like The …
I Like The Eyes.Therein Lies The Truth.My Next Channel After This One Gets Suspended Will Be TRUTHINEYES.

Glasschick07 @ 11:02 pm

If I lived in …
If I lived in Nagoya Max would be home with me getting spoiled rotten. He is adorable!!!!

Gimmeabreakman @ 11:02 pm

Thanks boolena!
Thanks boolena!

boolena @ 11:02 pm

Sweeeeeet. Love to …
Sweeeeeet. Love to see people who love their animals. One thing, also—it's great to have the translations so we can hear you speak Japanese with native speakers.

Gimmeabreakman @ 11:02 pm

I like hind legs.
I like hind legs.

Gimmeabreakman @ 11:02 pm

Welcome back…but. …
Welcome back…but…Actually..the story gets better. You'll probably be forced to create a soc and sub again on top of this. I have a nice update concerning Max. Coming soon to the tubes.

samtwist @ 11:02 pm

Your evident …
Your evident concern for little Max here suggests you may not be such a bad pet owner after all Victor.

BlueEyedAlbino @ 11:02 pm

That was too fun. …
That was too fun. Great video.

girhappy91 @ 11:02 pm

I wish I could …
I wish I could adopt max but I live in the u.s. well this was a cool video. Don't give up max!

bongtoke7108 @ 11:02 pm

That is one awesome …
That is one awesome pug, I'd adopt him in a heartbeat even before the physical therapy. I grew up into a family taking in physically impaired animals (mostly wild ones) and nurturing them back to health.

TRUTHINLULZ @ 11:02 pm

Baked Puppies Taste …
Baked Puppies Taste Great.

Colinnnnnnn @ 11:02 pm

That was a great …
That was a great video. I am in a good mood as I had a CT scan and they said no change from 4 years ago!

spacelord3000 @ 11:02 pm

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw …
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw cute! the power of will can do amazing things¨!

subarashiidesune @ 11:02 pm

thats better video …
thats better video five star
that dog is very diligent adored him

Gimmeabreakman @ 11:02 pm

I named Maggie …
I named Maggie after the Simpsons's baby.. but I guess it's a good name for a dog with a face like that!

Gimmeabreakman @ 11:02 pm

He does, doesn't he …
He does, doesn't he? I thought more people would mention that.

tofugu @ 11:02 pm

aww, he looks kind …
aww, he looks kind of drunk when we see him for the second time.

Turbo852 @ 11:02 pm

Wow, that dog came …
Wow, that dog came a long way! Hopefully he can be fully recovered soon.
And Maggie must have fun riding your motorcycle!

AnimeLuverX12 @ 11:02 pm

I WANT TO MEET MAX! HE'S SO CUTE! Maggie's cute too! ne, where did you learn to speak japanese?

bokunohatsukoi @ 11:02 pm

wow haha this was …
wow haha this was is very motivating great vid!

wolfmother315 @ 11:02 pm

that pugs kick …
that pugs kick looks just like my pug glad it can walk again

42662113 @ 11:02 pm

That pug is soooo …
That pug is soooo cute! One of the dogs I walk is a pug, and guess what her name is? Maggie!

BronxKidBeyond @ 11:02 pm

one thing to do …
one thing to do when you feel bad about yourself is consider how many other people are worse off than you

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