July 10, 2008

Pug Determination….My pug puppy VS declawed cat for treats

Our 10 month old ,at the time, pug puppy was going to get every last treat if it killed her she finally figured out how to get them all in the end. With a bit of a beating:) not really the cat has no claws and she was never in any harm. But you can hear the bops from the cat. The second half is my favorite part watching her reach and stretch for the treats…I'm a Pug! Woop and Kitty said what? really fits here with this one

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July 10, 2008

suburbanmoper @ 5:17 am

Pretty cute, but …
Pretty cute, but why is the cat declawed? Seems a bit cruel, it's natural for cats to have claws.

LiuDude @ 5:17 am

LOLZ!!! the cat's …
LOLZ!!! the cat's like Muhammad Ali with those lightning fast hits! HAHA!!!

bob1qaz @ 5:17 am

I love this so much
I love this so much

ryancorcoran @ 5:17 am

seriously i missed …
seriously i missed most of it because i ended up laying on the floor laughing

hunterhunter1212 @ 5:17 am

give the cat some …
give the cat some treats

MrsKermitTheFrog @ 5:17 am

aww come on save a …
aww come on save a few for the cat!!

adammanymoons @ 5:17 am

Have a coke and a …
Have a coke and a smile.

ruston0919 @ 5:17 am

its how most cats …
its how most cats are, they dont wanna deal with a puppy bothering them. my cats do the exact same thing to my border collie/golden retriever mix! exept they do it with their claws and his nose. it will bleed a little and he will go right back and try to steal the cats food again. if they didnt enjoy bothering the other they wouldnt do it! geez ppl!

mitch49333 @ 5:17 am

LMAO, good stuff. …
LMAO, good stuff. That dog is relentless.

BTMegadeth @ 5:17 am

man that cat is a …
man that cat is a dick

elevin76 @ 5:17 am

I hope they both …
I hope they both rip you to shreds in your sleep.

eticketride @ 5:17 am

Could not stop …
Could not stop laughing at this one.

sissy180190 @ 5:17 am

this is hillarious! …
this is hillarious!!Reach doggy reach!

thebigkahoouna @ 5:17 am

This is hysterical …
This is hysterical LOL

dreamytrees @ 5:17 am

If cats could talk, …
If cats could talk, they'd lie directly to your face. That vid is gas, yaah pug!!!

Tucknrollgrampa @ 5:17 am

that cat was an …
that cat was an AAAASSSSSS lmao

i love this video

tsai314t @ 5:17 am

bad cat!!!
bad cat!!!

macyus @ 5:17 am

this is why cats …
this is why cats can go to hell

blablublable @ 5:17 am

go pug, go pug, go …
go pug, go pug, go pug

henrygem @ 5:17 am

That was a real …
That was a real chiller! I'm happy your pug puppy got his treat.

musicfreak605 @ 5:17 am

go pug
go pug

xNaruto4Evrx @ 5:17 am

lol at 1:16 the …
lol at 1:16 the cats like O.O u took my treat

SparkleLobster @ 5:17 am

That's just horribe …
That's just horribe. Arseholes.

clintonanthony @ 5:17 am

Halarious! I'll …
Halarious! I'll have to post a video response and try this with my pug and declawed cat sometime.

lilmzdiva588 @ 5:17 am

you guys are mean …
you guys are mean teasing the little pug. but i have to admit that that is the cutest and funneiest thing i have ever seen

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