What Is a Reasonable Re-Homing Fee for a Pug Puppy?

I put an add on craigslist, looking to adopt a pug.
Someone made an offer for a puppy, but she’s asking $150.
This puppy is 9 months old, has had her first 2 rounds of shots, obviously is too young to be spayed.

This "re-homing" fee seems a little steep to me. What do you think would be more reasonable?
Oh dear. I meant 9 weeks, not 9 months. I’M SORRY!

wow you are cheap. try going to a shelter, they are more expensive, you rarely find a purebred pug, and it will cost you more.

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  1. Bonzie12 says:

    Craigslist states that a reasonable re homing fee is allowed but to me that is way too much money. To me a reasonable fee would be $50 to $75. The pup should already be neutered at 9 months and should be done with all the puppy shots. I’d find another source for a pup then this.
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  2. Kathleen says:

    The puppy should have been spayed 3 months ago. What are you talking about?

    $150 is not unreasonable. If you were to adopt from a shelter or a rescue agency, it would likely cost more depending upon where you live.

    However, since the puppy is not spayed yet I would use this as a bargaining tool. At 9 months old, she’s well old enough to be spayed.
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  3. Yahooo says:

    wow you are cheap. try going to a shelter, they are more expensive, you rarely find a purebred pug, and it will cost you more.
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  4. SunDance says:

    Well if she is 9 months old she should be fully vaccinated with rabies. And that’s not too young to be spayed its a perfect age. But I honestly cant say about the price without seeing her and knowing more about the dog.
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  5. Bella says:

    honestly? I think $150 is actually pretty reasonable… from experience i know that people who are re-homing an animal want to make sure they go to a good home so they give them a price.
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  6. Samantha says:

    If that is all they are charging for the puppy that is a very good deal. Dogs can be very expensive.
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  7. Kit_kat says:

    if you are looking to buy a pup make sure you get a contract with it as this is a selling price
    a re-homing fee is suppose to be the amount for the recent shots and wormings since they chose not to keep the dog only pay for one set of shots so no more than $70
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  8. Kat says:

    Well, that is about the price I paid for my rescue doggy I got. Most dogs that are being claimed to purebreds, are inbreds. It’s sad, but true. I’d suggest rescuing a dog. They come fixed, with shots, etc. Mine even came potty trained which was great because I have no idea how to do that. He’s the best dog (and first dog) I’ve ever had. He’s a pug-shitzu mix I named One-eyed Willy (he was abused and had to have an eye removed). Hope this helps! Be sure to study the breed of dog before you go make a purchase. Also, people at the rescue shelters are amazingly helpful and knowledgeable! They are generally wonderful at helping you as well.
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  9. JenVT says:

    I think that is reasonable considering she has at least that put into her shots and vet exams.
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