What to Consider When Contemplating Pug Rescue/Adoption

There are many different routes one can take if one wants to get a new pig. To take the route that makes someone feel especially good would be to get the pet through a pug rescue or adoption program. Many times, these pug rescue shelters that house all sorts of animals will play with the dog, train the dog, teach it to behave correctly, and take care of most medical issues which include getting the correct shots. Most pug rescue groups are run solely by volunteers, and are more willing to temporarily house these homeless pugs and pets rather than euthanize them while the search goes on for a good home.

There are plenty of good reasons to adopt a pug from a rescue center or animal shelter. Pug adoption usually means that the dog was homeless at one time and may have had problems with its previous home. Because many dogs that end up in shelters have been previously abused, the normal high energy level of a pug may be lower as it may be apprehensive around people. Either way one looks at it, pug adoption through a shelter or rescue group can help save its life and get the dog back on track to having a rich and fulfilling life.

One Has to Consider the Cons of Pug Adoption

As much as one would hate to admit it, there are negative consequences to adopting a pug through a shelter or rescue group. Normally, a dog with problems is found in an animal shelter as dogs kept in rescue groups are kept healthy and usually are cured of most behavioral issues. The dog adopted from a shelter could have behavior issues and remain aloof around the owner even after it is brought home and has stayed there for a considerable amount of time.

Other times, the dog could have serious health problems that the owner is not ready to deal with. That would result in an expensive adoption and perhaps regret on the part of the owner. Not knowing anything about the pug is not always a best idea. For instance, assume that you have a baby living in your house and you adopt a pug from the local shelter. You have no way of knowing whether or not this pug has a mean streak to it. It would be unwise to leave the dog around the baby for fear that it might get too rough or angry and hurt the baby. Dogs taken from rescue groups are a little more predictable.

Whenever someone is considering pug adoption through the means of animal shelters or pug rescue groups, one must take into account the various pros and cons of the situation. It may seem like the morally correct thing to do when adopting a puppy from a shelter, but the potential owner should consider the expenses he/she might have to pay to maintain the dog’s health and other needs. Just like any other aspect of having a puppy, pug adoption requires plenty of preparation and planning done by the potential owner in order to prevent making any of the top ten pug rescue mistakes.

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